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  1. My summoner with her new dance moves!
  2. I changed my BM, it's refreshing to have a new look.
  3. So you took a picture saying you had 7 boxes, but you didn't decide to cancel logging off and take a picture of the chat saying you discarded them.
  4. I'm not in love with it, but it's not bad either.
  5. My neglected Summoner. One day I will actually get around to leveling her.
  6. All classes have the same hair colors, but certain hairstyles will make it appear darker or lighter than usual. Perhaps one of the Yun hairstyles does this? Or could just be lighting of where the picture was taken.
  7. Like you said, you COULD make them a foot apart. Or you could actually make them look real. Have you tried moving that slider in the character creation?
  8. My question is why is Blue Bird 799, but the Crimson version is 999. They are pretty much the same outfit except for color and a pattern.
  9. It does exist, one of the people in my clan has it. It's just heavily RNG based, so you either have to be really lucky or have enough time to farm it.
  10. I redid my Blade Master, I'm happier with this look.
  11. I see and hear this too often, which is why I either run with people I trust or just wait before bidding. I have had people try this on me a couple times, but they haven't been successful because I was careful. Better safe than sorry.
  12. I agree with the rest, go with Chronicle!
  13. I only get premium just for the experience bonus if I feel like leveling another character. Other than that, I can play the game without it and still enjoy myself.
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