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  1. I'm glad that Kicsiduda has offered you their help, since, indeed, the game is full of toxic players, including leaders who do not wait for others or who do not organize groups, but then they insult everyone if the mechanics are not done correctly then go back against the bosses without bothering to explain the mechanics. What I do is block people that I know are toxic and only apply for groups in which the leader has not given me problems. There are still good players, those who listen to the instructions of others to do the mechanics well, those who take the time to explain those mechanic
  2. I had the same problem when I started doing HaH to get the remnants, it becomes somewhat annoying when despite the supposed random choice of who receives the mark you are always chosen and if you fail to block the rock (or whatever that they throw at you) there is always someone insulting you through the chat, saying that you only have to block, showing that they are obviously not aware that not all classes have omnidirectional blocking. What I did to be able to complete the dungeon without so many problems is to enter alone and practice doing that boss alone, obviously you cannot pas
  3. I am testing with another character and I leave you a list of the correct requirements to complete the "Favor And Fortune" quest - For the Stonescale Passage/Bood Chamber requirement you can do Hangar 0 - For the Warped Citadel/Halcyon Hills requirement you can do Brood Chamber - For the Cathedra Cliffs/Nary Sanctum requirement you can do Warped Citadel Doing Cathedra Cliffs has no effect on completing the quest
  4. I was doing the weekly quests that are completed by entering certain dungeons and I realized that there is a problem with the name of the dungeons, since it is wrong, I thought it could be a bug in my system, but today while doing the daily quests someone else mentioned it in the chat, so I share what I recorded when I realized the problem. You may notice that when doing CC the "Favor and Fortune" quests didn't take it into account but "A Masterful Task" mission did, I abandoned the "Favor And Fortune" quest to try again and I realized that the problem is not that it cannot be completed but th
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