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  1. I don't get the change with Ascension Shards at all... before you gave us compensation (as little as it was) cause our old currency just got deleted without converting it. And now we get enough to do it 2x per month? Like?? Does anyone actually test anything before you torture us with those big patches? I've seen patch notes for today and we'll see what "reducing difficulty" means. You kinda forgot the dungeons lower than TSM, which don't even have a HM any more but who cares about the newer players, amirite? Those plebs don't spend money on the game anyways. /s Man, I
  2. Wether I believe you or not doesn't really matter in the end. I agree with you that there's inconsistency with colors (we don't even have all colors released on KR afaik), but neither devs nor publishers care. In general, fashion department is more or less ignored... or so it seems. Doesn't make sense cause most of the people I know trove for example to get a nice outfit set. And then we get a trove like this where the only new outfit (the rest has been in the previous outfit box even) is mediocre and clipping with its own set pieces. All of this while KR got like 3 or 4 more s
  3. I don't think this has anything to do with "fading" or "tarnishing". Some colors simply don't show up like they should on certain outfits. The Jin Swimsuit you posted was clear for me since I main Jin, colors are in general just darker/duller on it. For comparison a picture of my Jin with that swimsuit in gold (before even customizing it): The issue with the Lyn outfit didn't make sense to me at first, but after testing I figured that the color varies on the Lyn variant and the "normal" version. Here's my Lyn with the variant in gold (I believe same pat
  4. Ello, was wondering if the people who own Inkbrush Illusion weapons have the correct/full effects on it. I play WL and for me the big brush that's supposed to float around the character isn't there - I don't see it on other characters either. Is it bugged or do I maybe have to change some settings? I'm clueless. Thanks and good day to everyone For reference: Here's a gif from twitter of the weapon effect
  5. So only Lyn race gets new hairstyles? Im pretty sure I saw some pictures of KR server with other races having new hairstyles as well.
  6. I'd die for Grand Phoenix - especially the head adornment.
  7. So you want to know our opinion about the update? You better ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ answer this threat then and don't pretend everything is alright, community super happy etc. How even is it possible that you announce those changes in a OFFICIAL Stream, answer our questions about the system on Twitter and everyhwere else AND REALIZE HALF A DAY BEFORE THE PATCH THAT YOU MADE A MISTAKE? Seriously does noone of you play your own game? What did you think was going to happen with all the Radiant Energies after you flooded our market with them when we had Trove? You pretend you want to
  8. Wo steht bitte, dass es keine deutschen Server mehr geben wird? "This will affect both North American and European servers—the end result being that all players will be transferred to two realms for North America (Yura and Zulia) and three for Europe (Jinsoyun, Eisenherz, and Naksun)." Eisenherz hört sich dann doch sehr deutsch an, nicht?
  9. Interessanterweise bekommen ich und einige Leute aus meinem Clan ab und an massive 10-20 Sekunden lang Standbilder beim Endboss im Laby. Aber eben nur wenn die große Aoe mit Ankündigung etc. kommt. Aoe-Anzeige ausstellen nützt da leider auch nichts.
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