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  1. And another beautiful drawing ?? I really like the atmosphere here - It looks like winter is over and spring has started. The wind looks cold and the last snowflakes can still be seen. ❄✨ I wish you the best of luck in the competition ?
  2. This is a cool idea - It looks like a lot of fun and shows a few different scenes from the game ? It fits as a loading screen - I wish you the best of luck in the contest ?
  3. And here we go again - amazing art and amazing colors - What else can I say? It's just incredible ? Your contest entry is now also one of my favorites ?
  4. I like your drawing ? You have drawn his expression really well - it looks emotional ? And I love that ? I hope, you win in the contest ?
  5. And another picture I wish will win in the contest ?? Your drawing style is amazing ? All of these characters look unique and have a fitting pose. The colors are also beautiful and the cold blue color creates a mystical atmosphere. The amount of my favorites are slowly reaching the number 10 ?
  6. This year are so many good contest entries ? Your picture is also fantastic - haven't seen here a pvp-combat-themed image like that so far. It fits the Blade & Soul scheme really well and your good drawing skills makes it even better ☺️ I wish you good luck in the contest ?
  7. This is really an adoreable drawing ☺️ It looks so peaceful and happy ♥
  8. Her eyes are stunning and the color scheme looks magical ? I wish you the best of luck to be one of the winners ?
  9. Thank you sooooo much!!! ?✨ It really means a lot to me >////< I know that fully drawn images are preferred in the contest - But I wanted to be a part of it even with limited skills And the fact, that the contest allowes a lot more variations of digital images, made me actually really happy ?
  10. Awesome!! ? Another really good drawing - It's the second contest entry that I really hope will win ?
  11. I really like your drawing ? - I hope it wins ? Your short description is really really short xD Is it only allowed to use only 1 sentence? ? For me personally, I would like to read what your inner thoughts were and what you wanted to achieve. Because I can already see what he does. But anyway - your drawing is great ?
  12. Charaktername: Kibary Server: Jinsoyun Eine kurze Beschreibung des Ladebildschirms: Ich wollte den Namen der Klasse "Klingentänzer" alle Ehre machen, indem ich versuchte den Lyn tänzerisch darzustellen. Es sollte auch so aussehen, als ob der Tanz in einem Trainingsraum geprobt wird. Mein Ziel war es, die Eleganz in dem Kampfstil hervorzubringen. Das Bild wurde aus mehreren Screenshots und einzelnen gezeichneten Elementen zusammengestellt.
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