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  1. @Hime Can we get any info about Sterling Scales where to get them and how much they are, if possible to buy? or do we have to wait for patch notes ?
  2. Character: SentiXx Server: Jinsoyun Short description: Watching the moonlight with my little buddy
  3. Can u show us please all Weapon Upgrades Material costs ? would be great :)
  4. He said u will during the story all weapons for free - ( u cant upgrade them ) and if u reach Silverfrost u get ur first Hongmoon Weapon to Upgrade, that would be the White Moon Weapon from Taiwan. ( u can see at the picture )
  5. Dont think so cause they said if u reach Silverfrost u get ur first weapon to upgrade and u will start at the bottom as u can see at the picture. We are always around 2 months behind Taiwan and they got it 1 month ago : 14 Dec Taiwan: U can see at the first picture, that they get a new weapon and mats back for Salvalging. the only thing i want to know are the Material costs for each upgrade but couldnt find anything about it :/ ps: sry for bad english
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