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  1. Character Name: Indïa Server: Jinsoyun Short description of your art: - And right after defeating the dowager Tayhu, a glowing, twisted moon rose over the entire realm. When everyone cheered for celebration and a moment of peace, a new threat was born. No one expected the enemy to be among them. https://imgur.com/uRL4HEb
  2. Thank you so much! ;DD I'm really glad you like it ^^ Lot of hardwork indeed
  3. Character Name: Indïa Server: Jinsoyun Short description of the loading screen: - I've always feared darkness and the fiends born from that. Time was inexistant, like every being, soul and thing was frozen in there. The whispers... thousands of them were the only sound you could possibly hear in that abyss of the void, yet... it was alluring. My fear disappeared as the shadows embraced me, whispering as life just abandoned me, running away from the new host in me. My lifeless body became a vessel for that unkown energy from mysterious realm full of wonders. Where you would nev
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