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  1. You didn't understood the point. It's not about being max or not. The point is, that it is getting more and more expensive and you can not farm it anywhere. It is up to everyone how they want to play the game, some play it on progress, some are casual gamers. But getting upset like a little child who didn't get his toy doesn't make sense 🙂
  2. Hello ppl, There is something going around my head since a few days now and i wanted to share it with you. The topic is of course the price of the new Heart (190 oils) We allready had to craft/buy in the last 3 months 343 oils, plus now for the new heart 533 oils in total, in my opinion its a big no go of the company. How should everyone get so much oils ? I suggest that the upcoming heart definitely needs a cost reduction. I hope, that you can agree me on this . Im aware, that its an late content item, but still, the price of 1 oil is currently 730 gold. Even for me, someone wh
  3. Its so Trueee. This Guys have no idea about this game. If u fixed this just fix then the bug with pets too. Ur guys really ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  4. Oh really cute. looks very good. I mean the cat and not SentiXx
  5. Ganz genau. mal davon abgesehen die Kosten für den "Brain" Talisman Item ist einfach viel zu hoch. 370 Petpods xD wie wollen wir die farmen? Es ist einfach absurd. Mittlerweile habe Ich das Gefühl das man uns einfach mitteilen will das Game geht langsam den Bach unter und lasst noch melken was geht von den Spielern. Es wäre auch nicht so ärgerlich, wenn ich hören würde. Es gibt einen tatsächlichen Weg, um diese PET-Pakete zu bewirtschaften. Und nicht diese Events, die 3 Milliarden Token nur für 1 pet pack erfordern, und wir brauchen 370. Deswegen habe ich sogar erst mit dem Upgrade von m
  6. You forgot to put a credit card floating around teasing you to spend money. I swear, what was so hard to give us Taiwan costs, cause 370 pet pods, 900 moonstones and 900 elyisian is absurd. Guess greedy companies never change. I hope they really look into this, cause this makes 0 sense. Also it wouldnt be so anoying if ... hear me out... THERE WAS AN ACTUAL WAY TO FARM THIS PET PACKS. And not events that require 3 billion tokens just for 1 pet pack, and we need 370. Thats why i even stopped upgrading my pet aura in the first place. I have every other gear component maxed out.
  7. Guys holy u are Crazy... its time to quit this p2w game....
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