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  1. Tower and other

    it's accuracy, also if u look closer, the bots r level 55, so ur stats get a reduced return on them so yeah, for tower and pvp earth is the better build...also need to disagree on the average dps melee part, with later gear and procs from raven wep and bracelet and then much later combined badge and leg badge from vt, sf has one of the highest burst dmg in melee vs single target, so it changes to being really good melee single target dps and then below average range aoe dps, range at that gear level is just plain very low dmg compared to melee...but still useful in certain situations.
  2. Soul fighter mystic badge

    it's worth it for the added survivability in bt and later vt, cause that way u can spam ur whirlwind and tundra and even be able to stack 5 chi stacks in fm stance, hence even more self healing.
  3. Soul Fighters Gameplay

    dont know what u guys mean, for me personally ice was boring af, so i switched back to earth quite some time ago, ok, given that i play on tw and only rarely on na now, but can tell u, as soon as vt comes around, for dps, a fully geared earth sf will out-dps an ice sf by quite a bit during sb and stays higher in overall dps over time, which is mostly thanks to the better dps badges in earth than ice, meaning the combined earth badges plus the leg badge, which is just plain broken af. i mean what's so interesting about ice? holding down rmb and the occasional f? seriously, i rather anicancel and enjoy the higher pace of the game, also with the cc components of earth fm stance, u got quite a different playstyle than with ice possible and for pvp earth is still totally awesome, especially if u got a raven weapon, soul, bracelet and then leg badge on top with guaranteed crit rmb's (which are brutally buffed with raven proc, badge and bracelet) on cc'd targets, which ignores def :P
  4. BD 6v6 soulshields

    beluga 8 set, or 5 beluga, 3 challenger, if u cant get 8 beluga yet.
  5. F20 Soul Badge

    just enables u to use it after block, that's all, so not really worth it
  6. Is worth to create a Blade Dancer??

    better pt protect than bm, fast and on demand dps and yeah, post bt bd dps is just retarded good, meaning bt 8 set, raven wep plus bracelet, dont know about easy to play, cause u have to manage electric surge and focus and ur cd's more than other classes, as there r no real fixed rotation, but yeah grab is a very neat tool for pt play.
  7. Out of meta?

    not really, post raven bd is one of the highest dps out there, but it highly depends on ping. post vt lbm dps then just becomes retarded high
  8. Build PVE SF

    that's somewhat outdated and a little inaccurate in some places. also, dont see any tabs in your builds there, still no points in howling blast and still mid tier block, so still not a decent pve build at all. earth build needs crit to proc f yes, but with hm lmb u should not have any problems procing it, also an att ruby works wonders here. it is correct, that both builds depend on hm skills, but the main dmg will not be dragonfist anymore after 12th of april, which is in just a few days. if u check all bonus procs on raven and bracelet, then go even further into the future and check the leg badges, then u will see, that cobalt punch is one of the most pushed skills, also the set bonus for the bt shields have changed to 15% dmg on rmb and f proc earth and rmb only ice, 70% kingfist and dragonfist. so dragonfist is a very nice burst every minute at 3 golden dragon stacks, but nothing more, the main dmg comes from proc enhanced skills, which is cobald punch and right punch. also ultimately i would recommend earth specc for players in for the long game, meaning endgame with bracelet, raven wep, leg badges, combined badges. simple reason is combo badge iron shoulder cdr .5 sec on breaking claw plus 1000%ap dmg on kingfist first hit plus leg badge 2500% ap dmg on kingfist first hit plus 5 sec of 500% ap earthdmg on cobaltpunch and 150% on dragonfist after kingsfist, combine that with raven proc of max 430% add earthdmg on cobaltpunch and bracelet proc of 380% for 4 sec after each iron shoulder and 120% dragonfist and then get a warlock friend and perhaps even a kfm tank friend and start fight with: sb+fs, rmb+f anicancel till kingfist, stack 1 golden dragon, rmb+f anicancel till kingfist again, stack 2 golden dragon, rmb+f anicancel again till kingfist, stack 3 golden dragon, focus chi, dragonfist till done, kingfist, sb end......there is nothing that compares to that burst.......and sustain is also absolutely godly, compared to that the ice % bonus on items is a joke and there is no real comparable combo badge for ice either. or to make it easier to see, earth sb rotation: awaken skill plus 380% + 430% + 500%( after first kingfist onwards) on every rmb plus kingfist 1000%+2500% plus at 3 golden dragon stacks and focus chi another 80% crit dmg with awakend dragonfist and 150%+120% dmg bonus, all that then with vt or bt shields with 15% dmg total again plus on rmb and 70% for dragonfist and kingfist. it's all about synergy, compared to that ice would be during sb: awaken skill plus 120% + 250% + 150% (after first frost storm onwards) on every rmb plus froststorm 500% up to 5 targets, so 1 target only once.. the bonus alone makes earth hit so much harder and with wl in pt earth and ice get to 3 golden dragons at the same speed, sure after sb ran out, ice can build chi stacks faster, about twice as fast, but the far smaller bonus from badges lets kingfist and frosstorm total dmg during whole fight dmg be comparably the same with kingfist only hitting half as often as froststorm, but the average dmg for the optimal anicancel rotation of earth is also quite a bit higher than ice rmb spam. basically the low dmg mod on right punch awakend skill and right punch itself combined with lower % bonus available from items/badges is what makes the difference.
  9. pvp vs warlock

    most important thing is, do u have the pvp hm skills? if not, then get these first.
  10. PVP BDs vs BMs?

    ofc u always need to adjust to the opponent and nobody said u should grab for full duration or spam skills during grab like a crazy man
  11. Build PVE SF

    that build is crap, more pvp block mixed with pve skills, crap either way, pve use last tier block for iframe and chi stack, also howling blast first tier 3 points in for another chi stack after q or e or resist with shield. for hm 6, if he got hm rmb and hm block, then this build would be far superior for chi stacks , dmg and survivability. for later hm lvl then u can use displace chi stack and ice coil chill, but not absolutely more important than howling blast or last tier hm block skill. also if he doesnt have hm rmb, then earth build, as the stacks of energy r just far too slow to make ice superior, also even if he got hm rmb, then he needs at least the toi breeze kick badge or 60%+ crit chance for the ice build to work.
  12. PVP BDs vs BMs?

    ok, here a very easy tactic and 100 to 0 combo with the new skill changes for lbm. (can be used already with old skills, but need to specc all into lightning) start off with ur guradian tempest and just iframe everything that way, that the bm or any other enemy throws at u, get close, grab, ss to iframe their version of flock of blades escape, if they didnt escape use soulstab and grab lmb first to force their hard escape latest then, make em waste their 2nd escape or get em down with daze, if daze then storm cleave, anicancel, raid, anicancel, rmb stun, anicancel, if still alive, kd and lightning draw....boom dead...if somehow miraculously they survived, use spin plus maelstrom to then force fivepoint knock up into aircombo to either finish the enemy or give ur skills some time to go off cooldown. they use their hard during grab escape, get up with f, maelstrom, force raid stun, then the anicancel combo, if no hard escape, then use daze and start anicancel combo, but watch out for their hard escape and restart the anicancel combo right after they use it. this way fm cant even up stacks of chill on u, summoner cant use cat, if u knock it back during grab with the charge skill disable, destroyers cant spin, u basically force ur combo down their throat with very little chance of retaliating, if u do everything correctly. now say a guy plays it smart and tries to keep his tab for ur real anicancel combo, to escape stun , or u fight another bladedancer, also easy, just remember u need to get into draw stance to keep on stuning with rmb, so get em down with rmb grab ( bladestorm) which gives u draw stance, plus very nice dmg, then raid, they tab ur stun,follow it rmb stun, stormcleave, anicancel, kd, lightning draw and so on......same result. as this combo has several stuns in between and u still keep ur fivepoint and maelstrom shield off cd, it's easy to cover for any mistakes or escapes used at unexpected times. remember, only other blade dancers can really interupt this combo with their 2nd escape flock of blades, which has 1 min cd, so easy to restart that combo after 30 sec, when ur skills are all off cd again and they have only 1 grab escape. also vs assasins, if u up guradian tempest at the beginning, no body switch possible, which makes it hard for the sin to even start their stealth wombo combo. but ultimately if u use guradian tempest at the beginnning or charge with sprint/ windwalking rmb stun into grab, depends on enemy and class ur facing...either way, goal is to get close fast without other person having any chance of interupting u or cc'ing u from grabbing em and make them wastel their hard escapes. so grab is not for dmg, aircombo is not for dmg, both these r used for making them waste hard escapes and playing for time to get ur skills off cooldown.
  13. New legendary path.

    doesnt matter either way which legend u go at this stage, as raven will be your main goal, so go with whatever looks u like, also seraph is slightly better in pvp than baleful, cause it can keep u alive longer with def spin while u get bombarded in 6v6. just as a short look into the future for na bns ( as i play on tw server) for lightning build bladedancers, in the long run u want the elec juwelry from bt, which will stay with you for a long, very long time, as their awakend form was just introduced in kr, necklace ofc the then vortex raid elec dmg neck belt just get the naryu foundry one and make it 10, soul get 8 sec cooldown soul on the horizon, which ist just plain sex for lbm (25% crit dmg, 18% ele dmg and then plus 60, 12%crit chance, 200 ap, 160% focus....all for 8 seconds with 8 sec cd) badges for pve will be the next season toi badge, every thunderslash will grant a buff which leads to every crit for the next 6 seconds will reduce lightning draw cooldown by 1 second, which ultimately gets ur lightning draw to below 10 seconds cooldown, 2nd badge for me personally i prefer the bt badge over the leg badge, as the bt badge gives 20% crit dmg for all skills during electric surge and 100% ap for flicker. bracelet ofc the dragon bracelet, 6 sec of 315%bonus for every first hit of lightning flash after every thunderslash. what this gear combination will lead to, is for ur crit dmg mod to get a total increase of 23% weapon + 25% draw stance + 15% electric surge + 20% from bt badge + 25% from soul with a 100% uptime on an elemental dmg of roughly 180% and roughly 1,4 k ap with raven and soul procs active as soon as u enter draw stance and electric surge is up. but now to the fun part, u only need 2 draw stance skills. thunderslash and lightning draw, the juliet 8 set will decrease the tunderslash cooldown to 9 seconds, which means every 9 seconds the bracelet proc is active for 6 seconds, giving an uptime of 66% on the proc plus every 9 seconds for 6 seconds every crit will reduce lightning draw cooldown by 1 second...and anicanceling with the huge lbm inherent crit chance means each anicancel rotation 3 sec off lightning draw cooldown, leading to basically u spaming only thunderslash and lightning draw all the time with anicancel in between, never losing electric surge and the dmg field from lightning draw will also gain a 100% uptime below the dont need storm cleave at all and can be specced into either double daze, giving u all 3 cc's at least as a double or an additional tripple iframe, increasing survivability. as u can see, lbm gear is about synergy, one thing stacks very nicely with another and leads to lbm becomeing a dps monster with huge survivability or absolut godly amount of cc's. everything like baleful or seraph before that then just doesnt matter in the long run at all anymore.
  14. Do this & Soul Fighter will be useful again

    a lot of things will change with skill update tho dragonfist will be highest dps, iron should will be ani-cancelable then and so on also high high end gear earth has the potential to do more dps than ice :P
  15. How to doToI

    try using pvp shields, lower floors not really needed, but about 40+ better have some crit def and for dmg u need 30%+ pierce, cause these bots got pvp stats then for rotation really depends on what enemy u face and what hm skills u got, i like using flaming scourge with storm cleave for more burst dmg, also thunderslash is nice here. for fm's, make sure u push em from the beginning, and these bots r predictable to a certain degree, if u start off with guardian tempest, flaming scourge or any other self shield, they will wait for the duration to be over before starting real cc's on their part, which gives u time to force a cc and start doing burst dmg. in case of fighting fm's, either spin maelstrom or flaming scourge/guardian tempest into raid, stormcleave, anicancel 2 times, rmb stun, 2 anicancel, watch out for the tab in between and time 2nd cc right and they loose hp fast, then grab and do ur grab rotation, their tab down and u got no chill stacks on u yet....push em, push em hard. if they survive that and u get chill stacks on u, use ur parry spin to reflect and stun, then aircombo for some dmg in between and to bridge ur cooldowns. vs summoners, grab cat, throw and unconsious, then dont let summoner get close and dps and cc em hard warlocks r really easy, they will usually try to cast pet first if u stay more than 7 m away, so raid, stormcleave, anicancel and so on, they use their escape, stun with rmb again anicancel, grab....dead...dont let em get thrall or it becomes tedious. i usually start nearly right behind em for each round,...start same position always and remember what each bot does first, they will keep doing that no matter the floor and u can just remember and counter it, so kfm will always jump into aircombo on u, so spin plus maelstrom there is always fun, kd em and so on. try thinking outside the box for ur skills, so a soaring falcon can kd on range, opening bot up for a charge stun or thunderslash into nice burst dmg for example. or def pierce and parry pierce sunder vs destroyer, they spin to win hard, so just keep em kd'd and sunder all the way, only use lightning burst anicancel here during cc's on dest. toi is different than pvp arena or 6v6, the bots have shorter cooldowns, but with pvp shields surviving their high dmg combos should be no problem (3 pierce on ur shields, 5 crit def) and the only thing u need to worry about then is the time u need to kill em, so be aggressive and burst em down, use ur high dps cc combos whenever off cooldown and push, cause certain bots just play on time, like sf, fm and lbm, they rarely go in for the kill but rather run away the whole time.