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  1. Hey all! So... There isn't an actual feedback page that I can find and support "agent" I ended up getting stuck with said "Forums" - Does anyone know if there's actually a feedback link that goes to the companies "feature enhancement requests" bucket that never gets read and eventually bounces due to volume of unread suggestions, or is it just a public forum where everyone can bash on the game and one another because that's what people do on the web. Thoughts?
  2. I'm going to be patient and see what kind of... Well... Changes... Come to KFM. I've heard and seen a lot - All of it bad. Hopefully NCWest is able to successfully help as I know they're going to try. *crosses fingers and toes*
  3. Yay 9/12/18 patch - Let's make KFMs even more endangered. Lol Is there really a point in adding 1 second to Q&E? Is it due to the 6v6 gear-checkers, which result in a punishment to PvE'ers? Now might anyone actually understand this bit: "Shadow Dance and Footwork now resist damage and status effects for 0.6 seconds as well as for 1 second after use, up to maximum of 5 times." The initial 0.6 seems more like a text update than the generic "User resists damage and status effects." in the current tree, or am I missing something? Thanks!
  4. Hello Hate, Thank you for the input! ^_^ A week after the release, range isn't an issue and I've yet to be juked. I'm leaning towards a fix or at the very least a "tweak".
  5. Hey y'all, I don't know how many of you have giving this a go yet. But those who have, do y'all have the same bugs of the inconsistent sweeps (left-right), the instant re-adjustments of the sweep as well as when the start of the fight, Hone does move two instead of the proper move one. How about the horrid flip around if you're too close when Hong does the AOE pull in? If so, I hope the devs don't get lazy and wait until the next major update to fix this. So if we get enough people seeing this. Then they'll have the numbers needed to get this over for (what I hope
  6. Julia raid might have a "Need SF" because of our heal. That's about it. Otherwise you won't see a "Need SF" - Ever... Summoners can do a larger heal now, with zero per-requisuites (like we need 3 stacks of Golden Dragon). Now the SF is a lot of fun to play in PvE / Raiding and you mainly do KFM since it's about 80-90% of your damage. I only do ranged damage when dodging a mechanic and end up in Ele stance, use a few burst and go back to KFM. In PvP, you're forced to go frost for the rang poking and you play 80% of the time in PvP as a FM with only a quarter of the sk
  7. I'm at a sort of mental block myself with SF PvP. But to me, since the SF nerf *sarcastically air quotes* (re-work), we PvP 80% of the time as ranged. 20% as KFM stance and only if the opponent is at like 30% HP or lower. Which I find amusing since KFM stance does 80% more damage than our Elemental Stance. *snort* I struggle with digesting that I need to play like a FM, but with a quarter of the spells and abilities where, KFM stance does a lot more, but is way more easily countered by all classes.
  8. Bluemoon badge (Fury Tokens) can't be earned, as far as I know. You can either buy the 70 from the market at about 18g a pop or buy 35 of them at 18g a pop and farm peaches from Celestial Basin or was it the pearl things that are annoying to gather... Something like that. Also you can combine the Bluemoon badge with the Magnum badge for the new legendary badge which I think will be the most beneficial badge over-all. Which is oriented towards ice. Didn't see an earth badge worth a whole lot. But Earth build is still kinda fun to play and the Primal Force badge is good since it
  9. Hey y'all! So... I've been wondering (without number crunching and throwing in RNG probabilities); would the Transcendence Soul or Cosmic Soul be better? I'm sort of leaning towards Cosmic, at least once you get to Awakened seeing as there's a 10% elemental damage boost for 5 seconds, every 3 seconds (with that 8 second CD). And seeing as our Soul Shields revolved around Frost Vortex (if frost build), that ele boos would be nice. Granted... Transcendence Soul pairs up with the Dragonfury (Focus Chi / 'Z') and our burst. I also see Cosmic being k
  10. I've been pondering on other ways that could be viable in gathering Evolved Stones - Granted they're super limited now, but let's say NCSoft get's enough feedback and it's viable and not just over-the-top easy farming ideas. For example, right now, PvP is basically all but dead. The rewards are... inconsequential to leveling a toon. What if they implemented a reward update. Similar to what they were doing with Soul Stones. Where, if you are gold rank (or can be done by Gold 1600's, 1700's, etc.) you get "X" number of Evolved Stones. And even make the paper acquired through 6v6
  11. For PvE, even before the update and even having all 8 of BT bopaes, the MSP bopaes were better for DPS and NOT spamming dragonfist. RMB > Dragon fist. Now post patch, that's completely different. Dragonfist lasts longer and hits WAY harder. SO i get them changing that around and overall I've noticed a massive DPS spike. Where I was doing 73 k, I do about 101k steady. Though, I'm extremely tempted to re-roll since the PvP changes and skill re-vamps. Not only did the SF get hit with the PvP nerf-bat so hard it made Satan cry. Every class can counter anything we do. We used
  12. Anyone thinking about re-rolling since the changes? I've noticed PvE having a dps boost, but all other aspects, primarily PvP, took a massive nose dive.
  13. Is it just me, or did every class acquire an instant counter to our movement and attacks and the classes with a perma block, the only thing that works really is ground-ripple. Which that there sorta is lame w/o daze. Is it worth staying a SF anymore? Re-roll to KFM perhaps?
  14. Finally submitted a ticket to NCSoft. Let's see how "helpful" they can be as this shouldn't have even been an issue with geographic locations MONTHS a head of NA in content.
  15. So I was wrong... This is getting ridiculous. C'mon B&S NA! I did 5 login and logout attempts after last nights "fix". Over night (period of 9 hours), it's gone back to being defective. Did another file repair (just as that) and still failed. I'm not even sure where to begin from here. I know it's not my computer or software. It's BnS content/bin folders. By the way; @OctaviaChan we're looking in Windows Explorer for the various folders. Your software/hardware looks fine.
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