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  1. PvP kingfist isnt single Target its 2x8m aoe. I played arround with earth in 6v6 a little and found it way better then frost. In frost you have to aeriel a target twice most of the times to kill it...wich doesnt work most of the times when any other enemy reacts and CCes you. Playing earth just go full retard Kingfist dmg (pve brace and holy fire badge) find the weakest target (sum cats work fine too) cc and oneshot them, gain 3 sec dmg immunity and nother kingfist rdy. repeat, profit..well thats the theory at least, if you cant oneshot anything fast get CCed and die..thats reality xD
  2. Heya, i was really excited for the latest SF changes when i saw the patchnotes but after few weeks testing things out im kinda disapointed when it comes to pvp. Just few examples: 1: Rising Dragon Strike and Meteor Strike. Though i got good ping Rising DS seems to be unresponsive a lot of imes, i end up doing 1-2 normal lmbs before knocking into air wich gives enemys time to react. Meteor Strike is deactivated due this too cause not being sure first lmb will ariel i use it several times but having Meteor activated aeriel/knockdowns then. Its not that big deal hence ending aeri
  3. Overall we got buffed for sure but: PvE: Decent buff to Frost(huge boost without sb), Massive buff to Earth (no real downsides here) 1on1/3v3: Decent buff (but still beeing only class with 1 tab escape and no other escape whatso ever we r still lower tier) 6V6: feels like a huge nerf 2 me. No Resist in ranged/no heal in melee means your constantly switching stances when needing one of those...and you press TAB for this...wich sooo freakin often results in beeing CCed right the sec you trying to switch stance and you pop your tab escape like a total noob. Fro
  4. in Kr 3.15 Notes i found this: Asura Kingfist Deals [42.00x AP] > [36.00x AP] earth damage Increases critical hit damage by 30% for 5 > 6 sec Greetz PEST
  5. Heya, th buff only applys to base hp+items EXCLUDING setbonuses like draken 10k/new pvp set 20k or 3 pieces of pvp baguas etc. hope this helps, Greetz PEST
  6. Heya, i ve been testing arround with earth/frost myself (both nearly max gear except eapon) If everythign runs perfekt earth out dps frost BUT earth got several problems: 1: you need to use focus chi with long cd soul and sb is required on 1min cd so your burst time is used optimized, If boss mechanics/gunner resets or sleeping Wl messes with SB and it isnt used on CD/same time your soul proccs you lose a lot dps 2: you gotta run long cd soul. its a HUGE dps loss to run short cd soul since the sb+chi burst+soul procc is such a incredible burst
  7. Heya, so i got myself the VT earth badge and here are the results of my test: -The Bonus dmg only applys to the first kingfist (buggy???) -The bonus dmg does NOT scale with 70% KF dmg boost from 8 BT / 3 VT Bagua (buggy???) - The Badge doesnt show a buff to breaking claw (500% ap) but it actually does apply a buff when using kingfist wich states Azur Fist , Dragon Furry and breaking Claw gets buffed. Though the buff on breaking claw seems to be buggy and works/doenst work randomly after each Kingfist -The dmg bonus to Azur Fist/Dragon
  8. Heya, does anyone know if the bonus dmg from the VT earth badge applys to the first kingfist hit or all 3 of them ? Thanks PEST
  9. Heya, do NOT get the draken ring from cita, huge waste of money/resources ! Just get the Acrimor ring from Naryu Foundry/ BT ice ring !!!
  10. Thank you, thats actually a huge buff to Earth (and makes stage 1 KF usefull again)
  11. ? currently kingfist got no bonus dmg on crit ? SO we get 85% (8,5x AP) on crit ? Does this apply to the first hit or the 2/3rd hit aswell ? Does it work on stage 1 only or on stage 2 (pvp) aswell ?
  12. Heya, in the patchnotes 6.28 ( KR ) the bonus dmg of Kingfist we get from the bracelet was nerfed from 1000% to 800% but same patch gives: "Kingfist Added additional damage on critical hit" but i cant find it anywhere how much it exactly is ?! Does anyone kow ? Greetz PEST
  13. Just use your heal/louts in preparation area before fight so it ll be on cd for 10min (wont reset cd on enering arena)
  14. This happens to me if i get ping spikes/raidlag on right/left punch too. Never had any other issues with the skill though except when its lagging. On Dragonfurry there sometimes is a "deadspot" since fury got lower range then azur/breaking claw/right/left punch. If you are too far away you cant use fury only basics, if you get closer fury shows up on bar. but sometimes your range is messured that stupid that baisc/fury switches on your bar like 19841471890 times a sec (you can hardly see it) thats a positioning problem (oe then targeting )
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