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  1. Shadow Slash Volume 2 Quest Bug

    Hopefully, those who used their skillbook already won't lose their rare acquisition because of this unprofessional bug... An achievement is required to buy the page but those who used the book already have the quest but not the achievement. Furthermore, if they just add the achievement with the use of the item, those who already used it won't have the book anymore to get the achievement and thus won't be able to complete the quest they have because they used the item already... This is so stupid... They need to make sure those who started the quest will be able to finish it!
  2. Shadow Slash Volume 2 Quest Bug

    This is rather serious! Why is this not addressed yet?! These books are hard to get and some pay even more to get one! This is unacceptable!
  3. Shadow Slash Volume 2 Quest Bug

    I would also like to inform anyone concerned that the Inferno FM skill quest is also bugged, the ''Hastily Scribbled Hongmoon Secret Technique'' unavailable for purchase from the NPC due to the same bug mentioned above... Is there a solution to this very serious bug?
  4. Is Roleplay a Thing Around Here?

    Same! I knew Jiwan was being pushed to be the unofficial rp server but I also knew the Brazilian players were going to go in-masse over there and I could see the confusion that would eventually cause... Needless to say, 1 server being the unofficial server of 2 different things was a bad idea and because of that, I have a feeling the community was scattered because of it... I am still interested in RP if anyone is looking on Poharan!
  5. Discuss Poharan's Gender

    Sadly, despite what everyone says here and despite all the facts and proofs, what is done is done. The damage done by a mistranslation is now canon to me and I fear it cannot be undone. What has been seen(or imagined) cannot be unseen. For me, Pohwaran is my favorite character thus far in the entire game and the unwanted controversy which surrounds her is even more interesting. This simple mistake in translation rose many questions and theories in my mind and after almost a month of gameplay, this unclear statement has become canon for me. The character still remains my favorite! I just now picture her with male genitalia or with a very ''dominant role''. Also... Its much better that way. It fits even better my own fanfiction where her two tigers are in fact male lyn twins. I have a problem! < v <
  6. Obiligatory Lyn Male Lover's Show Off Thread.

    Thanks a lot!! And yee, it is in my opinion the best outfit right now alongside, I'd say, the Pirate Princess out and the Blackram Officer/General ones!
  7. Obiligatory Lyn Male Lover's Show Off Thread.

    Lyn for the win! See, even their name rhymes with perfection!

    They are not bots, they are chinese gold farmers! One of them talked to me when I commented on them being bots. They are chinese slaves all playing lyn summoners and dominating the Orgres/Terrors in Misty Woods. They even have a cute little clan named ''rookie'' and considering their number, they might have more than one. What scares me the most is that... nothing is being done about them.
  9. These are not bots. I actually commented on the situation as I witnessed such a scene today at around 1am EST and one replied to me with very broken english that they were not bots. They are not bots but gold farmers dominating the Misty Moonwater Key market to collect the gold they sell. I personally don't mind since they kill bosses pretty quickly and thus makes my life a bit easier but I have to admit that this is unacceptable. I do hope something will be done about them since they are obviously part of an illegal group. They might not be botting but they are part of a network that has to be stopped... There is over 20 pages of 10 misty keys stacks on the broker at 1g60s... That market is long gone and can no longer be considered reasonable.
  10. Poharan's Outfit Question

    I too would like to know this! Does anyone have more info about it?
  11. Poharan's hairstyle

    Thanks for the info! I won't be spending my coins on those storm essences then! ;P
  12. Poharan's hairstyle

    Where do you get the red/black one? I know her outfit and her black/white haircut is from the 4-man dungeon but where do you get the other one? Is it from the wheel in the 24-man dungeon?
  13. Successful transfer

    Hello everyone! I'm just here to inform those still waiting for a transfer to be patient and hang in there. It took a while but my transfer is now officially complete and I am happy to see it done. I had transferred with me my master pack items, my Silver Dragon outfit and my name. Hang in there and thanks to the support team again for their time and efforts. Transferring hundreds of players is a serious undertaking but they still offered it to us despite this game having no way to transfer characters from one server to another. Cheers!
  14. What outfit is this?

    This outfit drops from the Blackram Supply Chain dungeon! But can someone tell me if it drops from the 6-man version or the 4-man? I'm currently farming for the outfit but I want to make sure I am farming the right thing...
  15. Ticket woes

    I wish you the best! :(