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  1. You're obviously exaggerating on the respawn time. It's less than 5 minutes. oh look RNG box that requires you to do INGAME content to get your special item.... if you really want your weapon, either buy Hongmoon Brilliant Moonwater Key from cashshop or buy Brilliant Moonwater Key from AH. then, you'll get your class specific item. Another option is to use the key from the survey that it gives you one for free.
  2. BNS Became P2W !

    obvious troll thread but just to clarify for others. When you do currency exchange, it's real players who are getting the Hongmoon coins for selling their gold. Vice versa. It's real players who are selling their NCoins to buy gold from other players. Every game people will do "gift this item from cashshop in exchange for game currency" except this is much safer to use because you sell the sold and get Hongmoon coins to purchase your item with this implemented currency exchange. Also no matter how geared you are, skills > gear. You may do a tiny bit more dps but you'll die same if you make mistakes. And finally it's just pay2progress faster which f2p eventually do catch up in just few weeks. Main PvP for BnS is the balanced 1v1 or 3v3s which gears, pots, food, etc doesn't matter.
  3. Let's put it this way. Later at 50 upgrading weapons cost up to 3000+ gold. You get to save 20% or 30% of that which is 600 or 900 gold. And it just keeps increasing as more contents come. That alone is worth it. Another selling point is marketplace commission savings. You can save from 10% to 50% having premium. Later you will start selling expensive items in the AH for over 1000g and once again you save a lot on commission fees. Glamour fees another useful thing you might do. You earn more gold from quests which later will be higher amount. These are all optional benefits so its totally up to you. It's not needed but its already worth the money and later it will be even more worth having it.
  4. Another RNG box in the cash shop

    Not from 650 boxes but probably when I was at 800-1000 range.

    The nerf didn't really change much for PvE part I heard, just on PvP side.

    It's more like what BMs have been dreaming of. You can block frontal attacks, provide great DPS output, able to tank for some time with your resist buffs and pet, provide support for party in healing/resist/awakened skills, better self-healing, ranged DPS etc.. Goodbye summoners, Warlocks are our new MUST have class for party. Way better support.
  7. It's not unplayable for PvP. This is the Warlock Arena PvP after its major nerf. There's also currently 12 Warlocks in the top 100 Korea Arena Rankings. Unless you try Warlock, people won't know their skills for a long time and assume its OP for no reason.
  8. Bump. Limited spots available. We're looking for people to do endgame contents like 4-man BSH. We have few of us farming it but more people is welcome so we can create more groups.
  9. The "requires more steps" are called purchasing soulstones, moonwater transformation stones, weapons to salvage, other materials etc.. ALL of those stuffs which you buy are from farmers, f2p players, etc. That's where you $$$ is going to aside from NCsoft. Yes, it's pay 2 progress faster but when you buy those items, you help other players sell their items and they get your gold for it. Now they can also get gold and upgrade their stuffs. And btw no matter how geared you are, you can still die the same way if you don't iframe bosses properly and eventually people do catch up.. Now, if they sold the weapons directly, no f2p player benefits. You don't buy their materials, market is down and crashing. Your money goes directly to NCsoft only. So people then will label it as P2W.
  10. Another RNG box in the cash shop

    I opened 650 boxes with 400 gold spent and I'm at 1200 boxes, still got 12,000 hongmoon coins worth to open. How? You keep getting sparkling venture tokens which gives me 900 hongmooon coins and regular venture tokens give 170. I also salvaged 25 of the outfits I got and sold the fabrics to make more gold from it and re-bought more boxes. This is what I gained from it. I was just Rank 7. Now rank 9. The items.
  11. Hogmoon Secret Technique Fan problem

    you need to buy the 20 siren emblem item and then it will ask you to buy the 10 soulstones item also. you need both.
  12. This bug has been fixed on today's maintenance. You can now buy the last item with 10 soulstones and complete the quest.
  13. This bug I'm reporting is for the Bloodshade book. It doesn't have the required achievement in game to complete the book's quest. It's the same problem for all classes. I'm not talking about any other new skills. Just the ones we were supposed to get according to that patch notes. For BM, it's the Lightning Draw Tier 5.
  14. Let's hope it'll be fixed soon. Some people are buying these skillbooks for such expensive price and only to realize it doesn't work and not added in game. This support reply makes me think this won't be fixed until new content comes....
  15. Lightning Draw -Volume 2

    Looks like we have the same problem. Refer to this bug reported topic.