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  1. Q: Gems are very hard to get in every other region too, so far we got the very bad gem from the valentines day event(un upgradable), and its better form that is upgradable as RNG in the new event. Im sad you kept the good gems inside the treasure trove event a while back. My question is, and more like a suggestion, will you EVER/please make every basic upgradable gem available to EVERYONE through similar events such as the valentines. And possible in the future repeat these events to bypass the p2w wall you will have to this with trove events and other p2w that gives gem
  2. Not being able to provide a service you setup to and advertise to is punushable by law btw. There are various companies being dennied to launch an online service because their infrastructure aka servers cant hold it up
  3. I get where hes coming from, but plz for the love of god do not give them any more ideas.
  4. Every new dungeon coming up can be done with under the current average and can be done perfectly fine with true scorpio, if theres any break it would be the legendary soulshields part which will be hard with this gear yea
  5. 1. Its the games fault for having ridiculous achievements such as kill 1000 real players wearing one of 8 uniforms, if you expect players not to do this Oho youre in for a big surprise Numbers going up =/= not achi, thats when you kill something for the first time and thats it. This game has RIDICULOUS achievements. 2. If you do mail this to support the only reply you get is how they are going to investigate and CAN NOT (underline that) keep you updated about it.
  6. So, is it banable to still have a profile picture that is NOT your ign character screenshot?
  7. Its too late right now to improve anything, my 3(or was it 4) months VIP is expiring and i dont plan on wasting any more cash on this.
  8. I didnt look at it this way because i banked up all the moonstones i need and 1/4 of the stingers i needed from t.p to t.s so i ended up upgrading to breeze just fine and soon to aw.s ( i still have to buy 130 stingers out of the 230 needed and i just did the math, its more expensive to buy the 130 i need for 3g than to buy the 190 i need w/e the stone for 2g ) But holy moly you are right its more expensive
  9. The koreans dont have it and i guarantee we wont either unless everyone makes a big deal out of it, and if we will basically FORCE the development team to make an unsommon button they will definitely implement it to the other regions too. And PS i went into the fire too and my cat lived but i died rip
  10. You have monsters that instant cast AoE skills that nearly kill you, thats a design flaw not a player, to get over this u want better gear for the higher block def hp and the buff from the pillars near tents. Before you argue to use eyeframes, you cant do that unless out of chance you predicted the mob to cast a skill or you had 0 lag and the eyeframe got used when you saw the red circle. Want more hate? add a single party of the opposing faction in combination with the terror or pig and you got yourself a whole faction wipe, this.is.a.design.fault.
  11. @OP , This is what they call "optimisation" aka removing game feauters
  12. Atleast their "preorder" costume is not trash you know. Hey i would of said the same about the p2w thing a while ago, untill i saw people who paid money get way waaay ahead in gear, and now the gems, i know gems are VERY hard to get on other versions too but when you make p2w events to get them..... cmon..... What do you mean who cares about their website? Apparently me, and i bet you a lot more people too, the website =/= the game sure. At this point im waiting to see what RU will do better than na/eu And by the way "At the request of developers NA and EU
  13. I just found out about it that its official and got the link to their website... and guess what? it looks 100 times better than our website, looks like they have a unique head adornment and weapon to go with VIP membership much like our costume, and to my understanding from the pictures they give gems and belt/bracelet if you buy VIP. If any russian can go there and translate stuff for us that would be great Whats next??? we find out RU server gets silverforest on release and more dungeons than us or something??????? I dont know about you, but this pisses me off so much,
  14. Hey i want it to go higher so i can mug people of their real cash too.
  15. Thats because we get more dungeons, more dailies more guaranteed gold More gold circulating around than being completely used like on npcs or fees. The currency exchange will at one point reach 1:1 if anything will go even lower if its possible. Because there will be insane ammounts of gold circulating between players and not being used.
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