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  1. is anyone lagging

    You are not helping me man >.<
  2. is anyone lagging

    after this patch?My ping is 26 ms btw...
  3. People who say BnS is dying

    Actually wrong,... Tera had bots and just like other mmorpgs
  4. Net lag.

    Hi.anyone has net lags atm?I play on starfall crater server plus i did speedtest and i have 29 ms....
  5. Blade Dancer is unfair

    everytime?I dare you to find another post of mine besides thins one.
  6. Blade Dancer is unfair

    Well fine.If you put in that way i guess i will change my pvp style even if i dont like it....-.-
  7. Blade Dancer is unfair

    i never said i will win every and all day.All characters so far i have beat them besides these fking BDcers..... Atm with my Sin im 7-3 both 3 loses are from BD.-.- Well maybe i dont know so much about lynDancer but i read a few skills about lyn and the defense he has is unfair for me.No other character such good resist and immunity as lyn.Thanks im doing great in pve with my sin :)
  8. Blade Dancer is unfair

    I haven't pvp so much....I dont have the time to do it.
  9. Blade Dancer is unfair

    Especially this solution is declined:P.I play skilled characters like BM or SIN not retarded lyn BD. :PLynBD and summoner plus destroyer arent my style.
  10. Blade Dancer is unfair

    What if they wait until you get closer and they start spinning :D? Your dodging abilities have Cd while their don't have any CD at all even if it costs 2 focus...
  11. Blade Dancer is unfair

    They spin all day and even medium players who are playing BD can kil lyou easily -_-. So you are saying i have to bet to people when im climbing elo who dont know how to play BD...?
  12. Blade Dancer is unfair

    I expect nothing else from Blade Dancer defender ,what a strong argument you made. "Clap" "Clap" FeelsgoodMan :)
  13. Blade Dancer is unfair

    So you think Sin for example can beat Blade Dancer?<.< I will read this "guide" but i find myself that this character has so many defenses and feels unfair.
  14. Blade Dancer is unfair

    Its a spin to win class.Most of times you cant outplay them and you rarely CC them.....
  15. Blade Dancer is unfair

    title.He is immune to any CC.I don't see any weakness to this class in pvp -.-