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  1. i choose it because the comunity sucks. 95 percent of you all are eliteist pricks that asume gear is everything. I can solo 95 percent of game content with true profane, because i get mechanics. because believe it or not, i can ani cancel every single time without using a single macro, and i can weave skills into my ani cancels flawlessly. ask anyone in behilith who zubat is and they would tell you the same thing. hell, i can 100-0 people in open world that are true pirate because i know how not to use gear as a crutch. but thats me derailing a thread. yes. i choose that hell. because otherwise i can not complete game content. my server is dead. so what choice do i have? theres no such thing as a server transfer. you would do well to remember not every server has amazing guilds.
  2. so your acusing me, someone who plays with a controler that has perfect fm ani cancel for days of using macros? not all of us that look like maco users are macro users. some of us, have years upon years of trained reflexes and reflex memory.
  3. Hi, when i start game "Windows 10", error

    run in windows 7/8 compatibility mode.
  4. It's time to QUIT

    time for everyone to go play path of exile. at least the developers listen.
  5. im very much a solo player. yes, im in a clan, but at this point i dont asscociate much with them as im pro "kill the oposing faction" while they are more dont do it (partialy why my main is in a clan by itself so i dont get bothered by random clan adds). playing with people is a chore. id rather use xserver to get stuff done, as my server despite what people say is dead (dochun). not everyone gets to avoid bots by avoiding xserver. i have to wade through it day by day. to do my pvp dailys, i have to wade through it day by day. I decided to take a break, came back to it today, and now i see 15 bots to one real player. the streams are a joke, the so called reps do not answer any of the questions seriously. warframe has better streams, hell, ziggyD, who streams path of exile streams better than NCsoft staff does. i will sign this. if only for hopes that the game gets better due to it. eventualy people will just stop playing. I played path of exile for a week vs this, and honestly enjoyed myself way more because the developers actualy listen. once again, ill be jumping back into poe . probably be back in a month to see if anythings changed.
  6. Launcher error

    the real solution is to deinstall and play something else. but im kind of aggrivated at support for not globaly anouncing the big 4 fixes. 1) restart computer 2) delete gameguard folder and repatch 3) if using windows 10, run blade and soul in windows 7/8 compatibility mode. if none of that works, pray you get a support that does not copy paste and blame it on your isp. because support has no tech knowledge at all, or does it care about us, the players. this has been proven.
  7. Is this game worth coming back too?

    do not come back. support refuses to fix errors and expects comunity members to do their work for them.
  8. I knnc. Another farewell post etc. Please keep in mind I've tried to enjoy this game. I grinded up a level 45 warlock and FM, 35 dancer, 30 blademaster. I love the gameplay, however, its NCwest I have issues with. So. I'm calling out Any NCwest representative to answer the community why they have failed to address the issues. I posted 4 fixes for error 3000, while all your support did was copy paste. All fixes are confirmed to work, so why on earth is support not using them as opposed to coppy paste scripts. Why is the memory leak in arena still a thing? Why when we report a bot, is it still there 2 weeks later? @NCwest, you owe us, your player base answers. The balls in your court.
  9. Error 3000

    FolloeW my fixes above. Please excuse the typo. Forum suckd And wont Let me delete
  10. Launcher Error

    error 3000. ok. these are known fixes. Restart computer. (Fixes it 80 percent of the time) Delete contents of gameguard folder and re-update. If these fail, a fresh install will fix it for sure, but its your decision. If I get to that point, I'll be done personally.
  11. Fix the EU servers NCSOFT

    this post will get buried, moved or edited. just like most posts like this.
  12. haha bots make me laugh have a look at this NCSoft...

    got to protect the identity of those bots ;0
  13. haha bots make me laugh have a look at this NCSoft...

    yep. edited for truth. As is i fixed the error 3000 bug for quite a few players and they moved the post from general discussion to player to player help. I think they would rather cover up their mess than actually fix it at this point. yet i still play this game because i have friends that do.
  14. what really happens

    Just get your gear to true pirate, and you will be fine. ill be taking a break most likely after i get both my warlock and my fm geared for the level 50 patch. You may want to get a few decent hexagonal gems too.
  15. Does gameguard even do anything?

    I approve of this addition. its the truth