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  1. My new Lyn Blade Dancer. Long overdue with trying out this class...
  2. The yellow outfit (forgot the name) is definitely my favorite for the Yun because it makes the bodies a bit more normal. I hope more pantsuit or jumpsuit outfits are available. Quality on the last one sucks :/ sorry.
  3. Wow, the forums are a little less active than I remember. Anyways, here's my Yun.
  4. Aww my lack of skills? Ironic. I'm not pretending to be smart at all...it's how I write. I guess I can see the "sarcasm" now, but if you can actually piece together a proper sentence, it could be easier to understand. I'm not going to apologize. Because I don't care. All your sentences were contradictory...If that was your goal then you succeeded. I guess my previous comment is directed to whoever reads it as offensive. This is boring, I'm not responding to this.
  5. Are you...are you serious? People have the right to complain about what the hell they want. It's called freedom of speech. Also, what's with all the sugary nonsense that is in your comment? You sound like a child in a fairytale. This is the real world. If you look at the history of this company you'll see why their games fell to nothing. Sure it's free to play, but that doesn't mean anything. People can complain about what they want. It's a product released to the public and customers have every right to do so. As much as I can complain about a free sample and offer suggestions fo
  6. I'm not trying to sound rude, but the change from when the game started to now is pretty dang large. I don't care if I'm labeled a hater, but to those saying that the game is in good condition are kidding themselves. Just way too much has went out of bounds, it's kinda disappointing. I think the game isn't that healthy now, but w/e. I want to see this game get better, but all I can see is the staff rushing content and a bot-filled game. And if anything, the other "people that play the game" post the same crap as well, with you contradicting yourself slightly. On another note, the e
  7. Wow, those look really clean :0 I like it :) You should post it with a background when you add it in the future. I'll love to see it!
  8. I regret spending my money also. My friends told me to stay away from this game due to the company. I didn't have a bad experience with Aion, so I thought I'd give it a try. I was wrong. But, I've learned my lesson. Won't be getting anything from me ever again.
  9. +1 I tried to give this game a chance, but screw it. The people running it have no idea what they're doing. A simple response to a breaking community is enough, but they can't even do that, let alone control their own game. I understand they're working on bots. Whether they stay or go is not my issue because I could care less about this sad game. The thing is, the people in the company leave the players in the dark. They don't respond to us on a daily, hell, weekly basis. Sure, they'll be on their feet to say we'll be getting new costumes though! What what about the st
  10. Personally, I do. I've never seen a game push out content this fast. Everything feels like it's currently being rushed and nothing is being fixed. The game just came out 2 months ago...
  11. The wings look pretty to me and I would love them, but I agree it would take away from the game's martial arts aesthetic.
  12. This game is going downhill. Not going to elaborate much more on that, but I feel this was released to leech off players. The population is basically dead, and there are probably 10 bots for every real player that plays the game. I can't find this game enjoyable anymore and I'm really trying to like it :(
  13. Ah, I see. I hope I wasn't sounding rude in my comment.
  14. I can see your point, but what about the possibility of leveling something to 45 only to see you dislike it and wait 7 days? If they want to test a class it's better to avoid the timer. Of course the interesting skills and such come in later, but they can get a feel for the class early.
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