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  1. My new Lyn Blade Dancer. Long overdue with trying out this class...
  2. The yellow outfit (forgot the name) is definitely my favorite for the Yun because it makes the bodies a bit more normal. I hope more pantsuit or jumpsuit outfits are available. Quality on the last one sucks :/ sorry.
  3. Wow, the forums are a little less active than I remember. Anyways, here's my Yun.
  4. The wings look pretty to me and I would love them, but I agree it would take away from the game's martial arts aesthetic.
  5. This game is going downhill. Not going to elaborate much more on that, but I feel this was released to leech off players. The population is basically dead, and there are probably 10 bots for every real player that plays the game. I can't find this game enjoyable anymore and I'm really trying to like it :(
  6. Wow those look great! I don't have a request, just wanted to say these look really good. The Madun one is literally exactly the same as the NPC o:
  7. She looks really cute to me ^^ I like the innocent look she has. I agree with you too. I haven't seen many people with that hairstyle/hair color.
  8. I like the blackram outfit on her :) Not going to wear it though bc I'm a noobie that'll get killed ^^' I like the look of the Thrall o: And lastly, a failed action shot.
  9. I love that about FFXIV :) The cutscene re-watch feature is so convenient and really helps when you have to rush for the boss battle and miss out on a scene or two.
  10. My summoner again ♥ Yellow Dalia has to be my favorite outfit on the female Lyns bc of the puffs~
  11. All can be done by sprinting in or on the surface it describes :) Water running can be done by sprinting while on the water, or before you touch it. Air dash can work by pressing shift while gliding or pressing 'w' twice. Wall running, you just sprint near a rock, building, column, or wall and your character will automatically run up it, but a roof or piece can knock you down (I hate that lol)
  12. My new summoner :) (she needs clothes) She's almost max height bc I love tall Lyns. And my main with my sister :) Girl power~
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