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  1. Hello, I have been wondering if I would get banned because my IP is dynamic and my connection isn't the best to be honest so usually my IP changes every time I dc, I have been wondering will I get banned if that happened? or can they tell that I am using the same computer?
  2. I am referring to this post This is exactly what we have been doing for the past year, the same exact methods and it didnt get us anywhere. Please do believe me when I tell you this doesnt give any real results of why we are crashing with c++ error or game freeze or crash when you press 4. THE ONLY WAY TO FIX THIS is to get a real tester on the live servers and play 6v6 like actual players, or ask one of the trust worthy players from the tournament or someone that can actually have some sort of a feedback result if he crashed on 6v6 and give it back to you guys, thats the only way
  3. I don't know what to say, I thought they are serious about making the game fair but I was wrong, they don't even care, they don't even watch the EU/NA streamers and the countless crashes they experience while playing BattleGround.. It's just a shame that such a big game can't even do anything about it.
  4. a new glitch now showed, if you died then dc yourself you wont lose points...
  5. Why would you queue to 6v6 if you get to leave it? You queue for a match if you dont like it, you decided to play 6v6 then you also need to understand that you are not allowed to leave during the match. Also if you decided to stay afk you will be reported by the players and that might get you banned. And this is everywhere not only in BnS, so whats the point of such a post?
  6. You can report the AFK players, its in the ToS they can get banned for it, why dont you report them huh? Also as I said you don't even know how the point system works and you are complaining about it.
  7. It seems you guys are a group of silver players... Raven?? players are using a PvP weapon now mate..
  8. They made it 20 points because players are crashing because of a client issue not leaving. Also they have a glitch atm if you dc or crash you still lose 20 points even tho you reconnected back to the match. So whatever you are complaining about at the moment should be postponed. Also 20 points are so much, it seems you were never been to gold before.. you earn 11-15 most of the times if you win in a high ranking game and if you lose you lose more points than what you gained. So basically you are complaining about something you are not even aware of.
  9. NCsoft's system will make us argue, but I think you dont play 6v6 that much so I will explain to you whatsup. first of all you have to understand there are two ways of closing the game either with Killing the process in the task manager or Exit the game manually from the System Menu in game. With that being said the system at the moment makes lose 20 points for "crashing/dcing/killing the process" EVEN tho your character is still in the party its just offline, therefore you should only lose points still when your team LOSES since your character is still IN the party. You should only ge
  10. I just lost 36 points in 1 game LOL i crashed so i lost 20 points then lost the match so i lost 16 points... LOL what?!!
  11. Thank you for letting us connect back to 6v6 when we DC......... However you lose points when you DC even if you reconnected back to the game which makes no sense. What if my team is losing? I will lose -20 plus the points I lost from losing the match? That will make people leave the match after disconnecting anyways in-case the team started to lose since its 5v6 for few mins, and even if you win most likely you won't win more than what you lost from disconnecting.
  12. I mean for now 6v6 is a mess... and I am 100% sure that the GMs saw the post therefore I think that specific bug will be fixed which is the runtime error
  13. I have to be fair, they did check the post and they are actually working on it - they have also changed their reply in the tickets according to this post. The fix will be released soon as far as I know.
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