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  1. I don't know myself of anything like that. At least I haven't looked at the forum long enough to find it. Here's what you can do, either make all the questions you need in a post and somebody else would answer them for you or if you don't want to "bother" anyone publicly, just DM someone (me, for example) with the things you need to know.
  2. First of all, we need to do a distinction because there are Moonstones (solid/stone/non-crystal version) and Moonstone Crystals. The first version of it is needed to craft a lot of really important items to progress with your gear. You can "process" the "stone" version to convert it into a crystallized one, but only villains do that. I almost forgot to add, that this version is tradeable. The second one, the crystals, are used in most if not all of the upgrades in the game, you can farm them whenever you want and quite often you can stack them pretty quickly. This version is not tradeable. The problem we're discussing here is the lack of sources of the first (solid) version. As of now, the fastest and more reliable way to get them is to do PvP and if you've read what Grimoir and Merlin DE have posted, you can pretty much have a rough idea of the current state of it.
  3. The easiest solution would be introducing Elysian and Sacred Orbs in PvP vendor and MS on regular drops in PvE, that way PvPers won't have to touch PvE at all and vice-versa. As per usual, forcing people to do content that they are not really comfortable with or even enjoy, is disastrous (that goes for both PvP and PvE.).
  4. Wait, you could farm MS on SSP? And how come you can "farm" them on weekends from 13:00 to 01:00? I think I missed the info on that. Trying to farm SS on SSP can prove quite inefficient due to the absurd amount of bots and people straight one shooting the boss 1 second after he spawns, which make the whole thing useless and frustrating as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. PvE players are a bit "❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed" when it comes down to MS due to what you're saying here. PvP IS the fastest and, I'd say, the more reliable way to get MS. The shortage of them is making the prices skyrocket in a matter of hours, e.g a couple days ago PTS were around 385-390g, which in my opinion is way too much. Even the MS itself were rising to 9g/piece... I'm not asking to give PvE players a huge advantage over PvP because that'd be just as wrong, but maybe make it that both ways have the same access to it.
  5. While you are right stating that nobody is really forced to do anything, the entirety of the player base should have the same options. Right now the fastest way for anyone to get MS is doing PvP and that's why I'm "complaining" (if we can call it like that). Sure, I can farm my ass off of non-processed stuff and sell it and then buy what I need as you said, but it shouldn't be like that, that's only going to make PvErs grind for longer. Then again, as with any MMO that has PvP and PvE aspects, this kind of situation is going to repeat over and over again because it's really difficult to keep both sides of it satisfied, I'd love to see some kind of solution implemented, but I highly doubt it. Maybe making MS a guaranteed drop from daily rewards (even if it's just 1)? One can always dream, or so they say.
  6. Hey there Michelle, as you could witness yourself, the game is in a bad shape right now regarding optimization. Every player is going to tell you the same, that no matter what kind of PC do you have (be it NASA setup or Potato setup), you're gonna have a bad time having stable FPS, specially in crowded areas/raids. If you are really thinking in playing back again, I'll recomend you to watch some videos of EvilDoUsHarm. He gives pretty neat tips and he even has a sort of "guide" for returning players. If you still need more information, feel free to DM me here so we can get in touch somwhere more user simpler and easy to use, like Discord, for example. Other than that, I hope this helps.
  7. Quite interesting topic you have going on here... The way I see it is that no matter what, the game is badly designed when it comes to certain ways to gather materials. You can't or rather shouldn't lock essential items under PvE or PvP barriers. PvE players shouldn't be forced to do PvP as much as PvP players shouldn't be forced to do PvE. Both should have the same accessibility to everything in game. "But then I won't make as much profit as I'm doing right now" Then, this turns into a greedy/money making issue rather than a way to give everyone what they need. If everyone has the same possibilities and access to the same materials, the market would be filled with them, sure, at a much lower price, but we'd be avoiding the screenshot OP posted before. I'm sure there are a lot of people, new and returning players mostly, that are struggling to get the materials needed to progress further and feel discouraged by it.
  8. I've sent you the friend request already, but I don't know if you didn't get it or if you're not playing. I'm usually online every day after 4-5PM or some morning as well, depending on the day.
  9. I'm on the same boat as you, my dude. Came back like one week ago after a really long time (4 years, played the betas and on release for like 4 months) and if you plan to play this game all by yourself, well, it's gonna be bad and hard. I posted a kind of "recruitment" topic before on the server section, if you're interested you could take a look at it and PM if you feel like it.
  10. As the title says I'm a returning player trying to find people to play with, clear all the content in game, have fun, learn mechanics and just progressing together. I've decided to come back after a really long hiatus (4 years) so all my gear is pretty much what you get from the story quests, nothing crazy. I haven't been able to run any content whatsoever due to lack of time and low AP. If you are in the same situation as myself or just want to play and chill with people, please feel free to leave a message here or PM me.
  11. maint will be long so..post ur music

    Why should we? That's the music we like, nothing wrong with it.
  12. maint will be long so..post ur music

    Oh man, this video reminded me of this: Time to post another song I REALLY like:
  13. maint will be long so..post ur music

    You. I like. Post moar!