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  1. Returning player looking for people to play with.

    Hi i can be on anytime, saw you posted on my thread, be glad to farm some stuff at moon refuge, my name is CriticalChance in game, love to add yeah on friends list
  2. So I know I'm not the shitz, and knew I was behind, but how much I didn't know. So I went to skypetal plains, thought okay 1-3, just got to level 60 all be okay, cool new patch, be fine. I'm going everything, fight middle boss, damage counters are going like 50k while everyone else was doing like 200k. I'm like omfg really upset me, made me not wanna play blade and soul anymore, I'm like, lord mabe doing something wrong, or just people are mega upgraded let's face it, anyone that hasn't taken breaks is well-having fun, and up there in gear ap. If you can look at the link above. I'm not sure where to go from here. Wondering if someone can guide me on what I should be doing. SS, not the best just sharpshooter SS. Look i really do love this game, been trying to get into a guild, but don't seem like many clans are recruiting. I know i need a soul badge one thing i was trying to Get
  3. Hello I'm looking for a clan that all about progressing, people that don't get upset if I make a mistake. Ive been gone for a little while. I'm a gunner, okay with farming, just don't know how everything works, where I should be farming, but people need a partner for dailies and stuff, I'm it.
  4. Ah well so much has changed, like to join a competitive guild. I'm not even sure if people are still around. I'm crimson, but don't mind changing at all. I thought id try to give this game a chance again bee like year or so, sense I played it. I live in the us on west coast, but can be on anytime.
  5. No more 365 Day premium for NCoin?

    Id like to buy 30 day sub ingame, like i always do, they took it out yet question say you can buy sub or with Ncoin fix it please

    Cool but kind of have to ask. How is NCsoft going to deal with full factions on the 2nd. Like server im on, made a new character, going to join crimson with my friends but its full. So kind of thinking anyone that makes a new warlock, Cerulean going to have 50 warlocks running around. Going to have to deal with that problem.
  7. Stuck at Downloading Repair Files

    Having the same problem Khal not just you! Not sure whats going on.