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  1. apparently this is just a short list found it on reddit earlier. but yea i do believe many would agree these people need to have a punishment. Not only does it empower bots but it also takes money away from the actual game so hopefully NCSoft investigates this to make sure it is 100% legitimate and hand out punishments accordingly
  2. This needs to be investigated and a punishment needs to be handed out to these people. Gold sellers / spammers / bots ruined the whole economy for the first year of this game and those who supported it should be banned.
  3. tab tab 44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444
  4. This is the only thing I kind of disagree with because of the weapon paths available it becomes preference between baleful and seraphs unless there was an option to choose.. Also how much crit defense you would like to run compared to accuracy pierce and crit rate
  5. Seeing how a lot of top players are using exploits such as DCing losing matchs to up their rank in 6v6 maybe this season should have the rewards taken away? I know some have worked hard and put in time and effort to up their rank into the top 100 but overall the majority of 6v6 is getting worse and worse and maybe it is because of the reward system. Maybe this season give less incentive to be high rank and more just to actually try to win and not have a fail safe if you go down 100 points or so.
  6. FM didnt connect so it started as a 5v6 and we won for about 2 mins then went down by 100 then the whole team force logged lol so i just sat there till the timer ran out
  7. [removed image due to name shaming, feel free to repost with names blacked out]
  8. yea most in 4 mans are going for 1k+
  9. im actually thinking the drop rate is higher in 6 man at this point lol
  10. yea thats kain make that over 110 runs with no neck in 4 man lol
  11. I don't know many of your experiences with this but I would like to hear whos getting the necklace. A few people I know are over 100 runs in 4 man without seeing 1 yet I am currently around 60 without seeing one. Yesterday while grinding I saw around 5 people post they got it and they all received it from 6 man. Just trying to get a general idea of the droprate between 4 and 6 man.
  12. I think this game has a lot more issues to deal with on the backend that is why it takes soooooo long. Not 100% on any of this but the optimizations may take a little longer and implementing things to help with bots / hackers /spammers might also be dealt with during this time.
  13. Its quite an awkward system they are trying to implement. The legendary accessories they are putting into the game are a great idea and it will be a slow progression seeing how it is extremely expensive and the mats required to upgrade come from harder dungeons. You will still be using the hongmoon set for quite some time because of mat farming and the base stats of the original legendary are far below the HM set. The bonus is once your get the mats to upgrade legendary jewelry you get to save roughly 600g from the jewels for money previously spent. So in this patch no probably not worth
  14. Yup horrrrible class xD... This is the KR test server currently
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