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  1. I understand your point but you apparently were better pvpers than your opponents that match. This would not have gone the same way against equally skilled players which is why we need a better stat balance per team.
  2. I don't know what you are ranting about mate but I am not concerned about gear. I am concerned about pvp and in this game it is dying if you haven't noticed. My whole clan is gone and I came back because of things like whirlwind. I don't care about p2w guys and their gear as long as the OVERALL team composition is somewhat balanced and the OVERALL team stats are not too lop-sided. You think I am one of 1-5% well just wait until the event is over and you will eat your cricketing words and enjoy your 2 hour que for wwv. People like you are just short sighted as I am trying to save this game. Rev
  3. So today we go up against a team with 4 summoners and we have 0. They completely destroy us because it's 6v20.. People leave cause they know they will lose and it doesn't matter if they lose rank slowly or quickly.. If they leave they que for another match instead of waiting for certain defeat.
  4. Thanks was putting the wrong link :)
  5. Dude I am trying to save the game. I left once and came back because of pvp and once again it's disappointing. Try to add something that will make a difference.
  6. No that isn't the only reason my friend I have been in parties with 5 summoners for example. The way the rating system is set up now is basically the higher gear the higher your ranking will be. This is the way it will end up after they fix the dc issue. Class balance on a team is important so having too many of one class creates a real imbalance. Having 4-5 summoners is like 6v11 lol. This is just an example but I have seen a ton of assassins as well who could just cap and annoy 4 people and keep them from capping which keeps too many people busy just trying to take a point. If you have this
  7. Well guys I appreciate all your feedback. It seems the only change they made was to make a ranking penalty... I want to see where wwv ends up once they stop the event. If it dies then pvp dies with it again. I hope they do something positive and put some effort into keeping it alive. I am bored without it.
  8. Just use this thread to add your own suggestions. THe matches are so lopsided at the moment it's not very fun.
  9. 1. Teams are not balanced at all. I have fought against 4-5 summoners or assassins on the opposing side. Simple solution is try to find 1 of each kind and if not available 2 maximum per class. This is a battleground supposedly working on teamwork and having too many of certain classes defeats that purpose and make winning impossible against them. 2. Attack power is not even close. With the 2 que system you can put 2 top players with 700 plus and match them against 550 players on the other team. Sure the rest of the team was only 550 but those guys can solo defend and just wip
  10. PsyFu

    PvP gear

    I would love to see more pvp items but does it really matter? I mean everyone has access to the same things so it's pretty balanced?
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