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  1. Same ever since the patch I go to a dungeon and get in a group and when they enter the dungeon I just sit there. Chat still works and eventually if i wait it disconnects.
  2. Bisrat ShumeData & Infra Customer CarePhone: +46 771 191 170Carrier-csc@teliasonera.comTeliaSonera International Carrier This is the guy that said they handle it for ncsoft and all they need to do is contact them to fix since it's their account. I sent all this to NcSOft in march. Still nothing..
  3. I am talking about the fps drops while doing arena yes. The ones that have been present since launch. How do you expect me to compete with 10 fps against a summoner. This happens sometimes during the match and sure you can relog but you already had to finish the match with 10 fps and most likely lose for this reason. The other thing is my ms in game is more than double what it is when I ping their servers. This is only in this game yet they make it seem like it's everyone elses issues and not from them as the source. I traced my connection and as you see above in my other post their own provid
  4. So what you are saying is I have to pay for a program and that is the only way that I can get decent gameplay? I did my own digging way back in March about the connection issues. There is something wrong at the core level with their system for this game. I am gonna post a ticket from march below. I left the game shortly after that and came back in July to give it another shot. I don't see much change. I don't even know if they took the time to move on the info I provided them below.. I was so upset because all this time they made me thing it was MY issue when it has always been theirs.
  5. Guys there is still fps drops in arena. My ms shows more than double than what it shows when I ping your servers. Do you plan on fixing this or doing anything about it? I left the game in March and came back in July and still basic stuff isn't fixed. You want esports you better do something about it because the good players will get tired of losing for reasons that shouldn't be there.
  6. Codex are there already hence blue faction is deader than it used to be :) Nc need to really get on the ball and fast. I don't want to see this game go down.
  7. Yeah my whole clan left so I came back for the pvp and 6v6 but I am not very happy still. Whirlwind is a joke and the matchmaking is silly. Getting bored and just biding time now I think till the beta in October.
  8. I think this is more dps. If you hit your z and then do your dragon fist then back step into whirlwind followed by ripple. Just spam ripple as it gets increased attack speed. Also using 2 in between will keep your focus up but it's around 20k dps doing this. I don't get the same dps from anything else and it's a good 20k dps for 18 seconds or so.
  9. I understand your point but you apparently were better pvpers than your opponents that match. This would not have gone the same way against equally skilled players which is why we need a better stat balance per team.
  10. I don't know what you are ranting about mate but I am not concerned about gear. I am concerned about pvp and in this game it is dying if you haven't noticed. My whole clan is gone and I came back because of things like whirlwind. I don't care about p2w guys and their gear as long as the OVERALL team composition is somewhat balanced and the OVERALL team stats are not too lop-sided. You think I am one of 1-5% well just wait until the event is over and you will eat your cricketing words and enjoy your 2 hour que for wwv. People like you are just short sighted as I am trying to save this game. Rev
  11. So today we go up against a team with 4 summoners and we have 0. They completely destroy us because it's 6v20.. People leave cause they know they will lose and it doesn't matter if they lose rank slowly or quickly.. If they leave they que for another match instead of waiting for certain defeat.
  12. Thanks was putting the wrong link :)
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