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  1. Also did you guys see the booming prices for moonwater quartz/pickaxes?
  2. So you guys havent stopped believing in NcSofts "healthier" solutions for problem likes this?
  3. Soulstones for now, hongmoon when its released.(Is it released?)
  4. OFC its crashed, they have a regular crash schedule.
  5. Dum dum dum! Servers crash once more. (EU)
  6. Lol, most of the ppl doesnt even know how to play at 45 too, nothing changes.
  7. I've dropped an enchanting seductress today. Idk about old mans costume %, so the same for 4 man blood rates.
  8. It is but the drop rate is pretty low. You can get a seductress costume exchange ticket from 24 man nightshade. Regards, Lily
  9. Oh my, I'm having a hard time at 7th floor with my bm. Failed 4-5 times already.
  10. Well, I'm using max level awakened siren weapon. It has 272 damage, and well, %70 chi recovery chance. There arent any critical damage difference between these 2 weapons, only its buff changes and its attack increases a bit. You can easily close the gap with putting a diamond into it, which is like 20-25? gold. So you wont have a problem with clearing the floors, as your gear is more than enough for the stuff that is coming(not for nightshade 4 man tho). :3
  11. We moved to Cerulean, bump! Post edited.
  12. Opposite for me. Well, I'm dwelling in Qatar atm but getting like 200-300ms in pve and getting less than 100 in pvp isnt normal. ISP: Ooredoo :3
  13. You're aware that we literally have nothing that can be classified as endgame, right?
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