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  1. Blade Dancer's dps

    We wont get leg ss til prob march next year, its 8 patches away. Can use a mirror later, for now recommend staying baleful. Flicker damage isn't really that great anyways, 70% your damage in draw stance comes off LF. BD is pretty sick as far as DPS goes, if your ping is low enough to smoothly anicancel in draw stance you will be just under BM, FM and SMN, and above the rest. Go for X lightning spec, V lightning spec, and stay in draw stance forever. Make sure youre doing tower daily to get the new tokens, the new badge for us gives you a 1 sec CD reduction on flaming scourge (our crit damage buff) for every lightning flash.
  2. Draken Ring bug

    It fixes on its own after a while. Have you restarted your client at least once? Guild mate had this problem, it went away on its own.
  3. lookup your character on bnscoffee (google that term, if I give you a direct link the NCSoft forums will censor it). It will have a list of suggested upgrades and a rough price estimate. Look through that until you can figure out a cost effective way to improve your AP. Now is a good time to upgrade your weapon though, and considering each upgrade until True Scorpion is worth a good amount, I would start there - but don't neglect accessories too much, with priority on ring and earring.
  4. its a scam, they want your account information to steal it.
  5. No. Your cat has the ability to chase people up to 100m away, and cant be escaped without wasting CC on it.
  6. Summoners: so overnerfed

    He was being sarcastic look at the link in his post.
  7. Blade Dancer Dps is very low

    I said per skill, not per hit.
  8. Baleful is better, hands down. Also, flicker mashing with no electrocute up is awful. you're not even resetting flaming scourge CD very well doing that. The new optimal DPS build for BDs is to spec V for your daze, 2 to multislash, Z for whirling scourge, grab RB for whirling scourge CD 18 second reduction, X for skyward slash, and finally wind focus. You spam the shit out of auto-crit rolling typhoons with whirling scourge up (RB til 3 wind stacks, pop Z, then mash RB>F over and over - if you run out of wind stacks during scourge, use X to instantly refill, and keep going with RB>F). Multislash once after each typhoon combo for some more CD reduction, then either get into your grab or draw stance. Either one of those will put your whirling scourge CD back up. Rinse and repeat. You wind up being able to whirling scourge typhoon combo every 18-24 seconds.
  9. About the new X-thunder skill

    Its not the wrong version, KR got this shitty nerfed version too. They got a later patch which changed it to the good version, which is 3 second electrocute + 3 free lightning orbs. For now, get HM Z, and go whirling scourge, spec blade storm into wind for scourge CD reduction on hit. Takes a bit to learn the optimal rotation, but doing it right you go back and forth between whirling scourge typhoon spam and draw stance every 18 seconds. Improved my DPS from 11k to 14k overall. Maybe once we get the better X lightning we'll be able to viably spec thunder build, but for now, wind is the way to go.
  10. Blade Dancer Dps is very low

    BD is indeed quite low DPS. Even with optimal rotations and choosing not to grab bosses, you plataeu around 14-15k DPS. Fortunately in group play, the DPS increase we provide through grab far outweighs the lack of DPS we provide as an individual. We're still definitely wanted in group content, especially desolate tomb due to mechanics requiring a delay skill during lightning phase whicfh our grab is perfect for. Unfortunately, we're outright terrible in solo content. You'll never see BDs at top of tower leaderboards, and farming naksun is possibly slowest with BD. Problem is our skills plainly have low damage modifiers. Lightning flash hits for 15-17k, while rolling typhoon about 18-22k (top end only coming during whirling scourge buff). Compare this to KFM's who get 50k crits every time they comet strike, or FM who's every other skill hits for 40k+, or SMNs sunflowers at 32k apiece. Even our filler skills are poor - when not in draw, sunder's hit for at most 6-7k apiece. Ironically, our hardest hitting single skill is blade storm during grab with wind spec, which can hit for 40-50k. Unfortunately, this is a 24 second CD that requires us to grab, which inherently drops our DPS (as we interrupt lightning flash or rolling typhoon combos to grab). tl:dr BDs are still wanted in group content because our grab is extremely good for party DPS, but our solo game is gimp as all *cricket*.
  11. Technically it violates the ToS. That said, don't be an idiot and post proof of yourself doing it anywhere public, and you'll never get bothered. NCSoft isn't going to ban a potentially paying customer for something that doesn't affect other players.
  12. 200 matches doesn't make you not suck. Let me put it bluntly. It sounds like you suck. How retarded do you have to be to lose to BMs as SMN? Do you have your HM skills? If not then stfu until you do. You probably use sunflower verse them or something fundamentally stupid.
  13. Blade Dancer vs Warlock

    Rules for beating warlock as BD: Save maelstrom for first time distortion. You need the iframe + movespeed buff. Bait the bastion before even attempting to move into melee range. If it's not used or you know it's coming back up soon, its better to stay on the defensive (if you see an exploitable gap, don't waste it, but be VERY careful about wasting CC into bastion or sanctuary). Anytime you're on the defensive, always be spinning. Use your soaring falcon to keep chi replenished. Don't bother with iframe double slash. The pull/daze is better for baiting tech roll, and once its down, you can keep them in a long trip combo with 3 and 1, or at the least force the tab. You won't need iframe double slash if you're careful with how you use SS and maelstrom. Conserve your SS. Don't waste it willy nilly, a good warlock will punish you with chains if you waste it, and even though you can spin to get out chains after 2-3 tries, it usually means eating a solid burst from the WL. Instead, use it to build distance, and keep spinning away to kite for cooldowns. Make sure you always land outside of chains range (16m). Pentaslash to open from range, try to conserve your raid for draw stance combo if possible. Save grab for sanctuary. A lot of warlocks will tab out of grab instantly, but if they don't try a delayed chi dump - if they counter it, stick with drains rest of the match. If they tab out, first make sure bastion is down, and if it is not, bait it. When tab on warlock is burnt, use your guardian tempest to ensure you don't get Target disabled before moving to open your draw combo with double slash or raid. Good luck!
  14. Level 50 Soul Shields

    There are no Naryu Lab pieces that have higher crit than Yeti. Next time you attempt to belittle someone, make sure you're not uninformed, or else you embarrass yourself like so.