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  1. This was so scary!!!

    Hah! Bamboozled again!
  2. Character Creation Idea (Lyn)

    But I have 2 little rat people already T_T..
  3. Character Creation Idea (Lyn)

    But I don't like the little rat people D:
  4. Character Creation Idea (Lyn)

    But mods are naughty, so no :D
  5. Character Creation Idea (Lyn)

    Let us make Lyns without ears and tails too :DDDD
  6. AOE skills

    Np Warlock has the most if that's what you were looking for
  7. AOE skills

    Lol Im not bombing you, sorry, it's just that every class has AOE skills Ranged have more than melee as per usual, but otherwise every class has some
  8. AOE skills

    Is this a serious post?
  9. Returning player with 250+ ping

    Ah ok makes sense... 250 ping is insane to deal with though... the only feasible class you can play on that list is Scummoner really... Sin is another possibility but bad ping can be really annoying as you get better with it. Good luck =/
  10. It's kinda sad that that's so true, if a particular mode doesn't rake in money they wont monitor/fix/try to work on anything in it... -sigh- this blows.
  11. Lmfao he called the Old man Cho quests "jumping puzzle shit" omg I'm crying There's no "puzzle" to the quests, they tell you what to collect, you collect it and bring it back to the short fat man and voila, you can run longer, run up walls, dive in the sky, or whatever other magical thing - what's got you so angry? The upgrades for your movement are handed to you in this day and age, back when the game launched these quests could have been considered difficult, not now though lol
  12. Returning player with 250+ ping

    Why is your ping so awful if you don't mind me asking?
  13. Rank 10 VIP - meh

    Yes please, give the level 10 premium people the special snowflake award
  14. I'm sorry

    You don't need to pvp once to get soulstones, they're also selling for an all time low right now, so buy up. The daily challenge and whirlwind event also are making soulstones drop insanely. Faction dailies have only one small part each that are pvp related, of which you don't have to do. 20+ gold is nothing, the materials are the difficult thing to get and even that's been reduced and on the 5th of October that'll be further reduced. What did you expect when you hit level 50? To automatically gain all the best gear and have everything unlocked already? Doesn't work like that in any game I've ever played.