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  1. this event is really scam... Merchant of Wonders used to be a welcomed sight before... now it's mostly riping you off
  2. in kr they have legendary gear in story quest reward and p2w gear in the shop, i bet the AP average is much higher ...
  3. Because people in the group can't tell they are new and don't know they know mechanics and group has to die because they can't say it. Because they can't apply the fight mechanics once explained or don't understand english.
  4. 200 + coralites later never got past stage 6. But i lost so many gold trying to upgrade because these shit gets expensive after a while. coralite has higher benefit value if you sell it to merchant for 1pc a piece... XD this is too much like having to win the lottery 7 times in a row to get something it's utter bullshit
  5. Prices have been fluctuating. Before a lot of them was sub 1000-1200, now these are getting rare, so if anything prices are adjusted up. Why ? Because people buy them, they see an interest in it and business is successful. If people stop buying stuff price will probably decrease it's just basic commerce rules. What I still find stupid and really I'm curious about sell numbers (since i don't see a lot around) are the weapon skins which are effectively consumed when applied and still cost way too much for single use.
  6. Back in the days, weapon upgrades could fail. This was deemed stupidly frustrating and was removed. It's now back in the form of material transmutation... how is this less stupid / acceptable to re introduce RNG here ? Remove RNG and adjust mat costs if needed.
  7. Maybe someone in the party did no cleanse the poison during the fight, even if the poison ran out after the boss is dead you'll be stuck in combat. But I agree this should not happen in the first place and should have been fixed years ago...
  8. summoners should be removed from the game period. XD
  9. I have 600+AP, I'm not in trouble finding groups. I also have alts and if you do things properly at 50 you should be at around 400AP without much trouble. at 400 something AP you can do 3ID / storage / mandate however it will take longer obviously than a group of full 500+ but you'd most likely be kicked out before starting the dungeon. Now farming from that point on to improve your AP is not going to be easy if you are a lone player without a clan or friends and I can see the lack of patience of highly geared people being a hindrance to more casual player trying to gear up... Unless the
  10. There is a big misunderstanding in these AP requirement - High AP doesn't mean automatically high DPS. I've seen plenty of good players with low AP doing better than high APs one - High AP without accuracy / piercing and crit = shit - a dead high AP geared person doesn't DPS Problem is people are mostly lazy and just want to do dungeons where high geared people can skip mechanics and survive through mistakes... I've also seen people recruiting AP 500 + and they are only 400 themselves ^^ And regardless of AP i huge chunk of the players don't know the
  11. It only make sense to have a lv 45 char if it is geared as well. afaik the gear given is like true breeze in other region so... it's like better than what an average casual player have while playing for 6 month here XD
  12. I believe TW /CN and KR gets legendary gear as part of story quest so it's easy for everyone to get started to do end content (and make it easier to do an alt). Of course, even if legendary gear it is it's by far not the best. So part of your problem is already solved in other region where this game is running.
  13. Stationary divine veil counter : get the *cricket* away and wait one of the following: - FM gets out of it to chase you - Veils runs out
  14. there are still bots but less visible than before and mostly only summoners now (no good old DES jumping fury ^^). Script is way more subtile but you can catch on on these points: - Able to rotate while iced / stuned - Summoner will chain spam cat res like there is no tomorrow if you killed it.
  15. As seen in KR there are virtually no diamond plat anymore and we might see this situation coming in the west soon enough if it continues on this slope... but in lower ranks bean income is low and not worth the effort anymore.
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