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  1. this....

    very true, and whoever is in charge of these "events" should pay attention, cause that's the wrong path they are referring to.
  2. this is why ncsoft needs to put in a gear check!

    I clicked on the topic expecting someone to refer to a guy with 230 AP, not 400+ This elitist crap is far too prevalent nowadays, learn the mechanics, learn your class, and quit bitching about anyone who doesn't carry for you. I know i'm getting tired of consistently pulling aggro over the people with more AP than me in any given party, but that's what i get for being an assassin who knows how get back into stealth fast and how to ani-cancel. Hell, in know a pair of KFM's who carried a party by timing their I-frames to make a boss's enrage mean diddly squat. They didn't even need each other to pull it off, they were both just on their game. Skill > everything else
  3. Assassin or Forcemaster top dps

    That's rather odd cause i've yet to run a dungeon where i didn't pull aggro as my sin regardless of what other classes were present. Also have never had trouble staying in melee range of any boss since i got like 3 instant gap closers at low cooldown. Maybe the sin's you've played with just suck?
  4. P2W event.

    Wow, claiming the game is pay to win because there are bots who illegally sell the gold they farm. that means every single mmo ever is pay to win and there is no alternative, which makes complaining about pay to win the most useless endeavor possible. seriously though, the event isn't going away and it won't be the only one, NCSoft is making waaaay to much money off it to worry about ftp player complaints about it.
  5. i did not see one while burning through 100 keys and i have not heard of anyone else seeing one yet, but i did see several of the other 5 items available repeatedly, i only had the ocean life force before, but now i have everything BUT the hongmoon pellet.
  6. The selections are consistent, i got that exact layout of items for those exact prices twice, different order in the window, but the exact same set of items to choose from. The rng is page based, so you will never see that gem in a list with the rest being complete crap. same with the pages that involve soulshields, either you got 4 to chose from (and the same 4 i might add), or none. yes i did see one 100 pack of soulstones for 3 silver, the soulstone price was always 3 silver, regardless of the number offered (same for stingers and naryu tablets and moonstone, 30, 50, and 50 silver respectively for some variable number of them, though i think there was one page that broke that rule but had considerably more for sale, like 25 tablets for 2 gold 50 silver or something)
  7. Na B&S censored or uncensored?

    i remember, and in that same thread they said it was a mistake and they were working to get the original design in. I wouldn't call it censorship unless it was intentional.
  8. Na B&S censored or uncensored?

    The costumes are the same as Korea's, but the story is not. Significant parts of the main story were changed in moonwater and various parts of blue quests throughout the game. Most people focus only on one particular blue quest chain because it pushed Social Justice Warrior values into the game and did a *cricket* poor job of it, but it is just one of many alterations. time will tell if they have to do a retcon to fix the main story later when more of it is released in this region.
  9. Is new event gona be p2w again?

    Guess what, several people now have complete Yeti soulshield sets because of this event, and they haven't even beaten Yeti once! The event can even offer 100 soulstones for 3 silver (depending on rng)! lesse, what else... them sparkling hex gems for 10g a pop. gold bars for a couple of silvers, that sell to npc's for a full gold each. those rare foods, the honey and mushroom and root things that you need to unlock one of the hongmoon skills, for a gold a pop. naryu tablets, frozen stingers, and the naryu fragments for silvers (30 to 50 silver for 1-5 of them, depending on rng). oh, and breeze gear, the accessories and the weapon chest, all for a gold a pop. and, of course, the two outfits that are just minor re-skins of existing outfits.
  10. Game just became p2w ggwp NCSOFT

    Please point out the item in this event that you cannot get via playing the game. Oh that's right, it's the outfits, so overpowered gg no re.
  11. yeah having 5 more levels has a big affect on that, and the fact that they added moonwater tears to the cash shop in 10 pack packages probably put a dent in the price as well. whether or not lowering the price of the tears is good or bad, depends on if your buying or selling.
  12. They certainly try, though i don't know how successful they are. i know they moved a cert to junghado daily since bots seem to have a harder time finishing that one. As for having so many bots in arena, i doubt bots have an automatic shutoff, so they are just going to keep farming up zen beans even if they don't have the certs i think. i agree, but that is part of what is so frustrating about the hackers, they do get reported, but they don't seem to get banned. I know NCSoft seems to be big on protecting privacy and thus wont tell anyone when they do, but when it looks like you're doing nothing at all about a hacker because the same one is still identifiable days or weeks later, still doing the hacking, you lose legit players. And then there are the ones who got wise and are using the mask that hides your player name, so how do you report them unless you right click and report them as a bot, which isn't actually true?
  13. i don't think so, i think those still only come from dailies.
  14. I've seen a thread or two pointing out hacks (that were subsequently removed, cause don't post links to damn hacking sites people) that don't understand why people are hacking in the soulstone plains. So for those who don't realize, the reason is you can buy soulstones for prestige points there, like 100 for 10, 200 for 30, 300 for 50 stones if you have the pvp rank for the trade. Those teleporting hackers who are bombing crowds with 2-4 bombs in a matter of seconds? They just farmed everyone's prestige points, and will now cash them in for stones. i can't say i am really surprised at them, given the pvp imbalance that means only one faction can actually farm legit, the teleport hack bombing is one of the only ways for the other faction to get anything out of the plains. Not saying it justifies it by any means, but i am pointing out that it is a design flaw that is providing motivation for people to cheat. Soulstones are also the main reason for botters in the arena since zen beans plus a dragon cert means a soulstone pouch, but i think that one is more common knowledge. The game is designed for soulstones to always be valuable since you always need so very many for just about everything and there are limits on how many anyone can get that are much much lower than the need, resulting in botters and hackers out the wazoo. i wish i had a viable solution to offer, but i don't, i can only point out the source of the problem in hopes that someone else might be able to come up with a fix that works.
  15. i find it cute that other thread on this topic are getting closed and redirected to a buried thread, really illustrates how much NCSoft actually cares about bots. There are now bot trains farming the misty woods faction camps, which i don't really get, cause i don't know what the profit there is from farming the insignia's... I tried to report them anyways but their numbers do not seem to be thinning.