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  1. yeah, the only thing interesting is the main story...which most people are just blasting past to get to the grind. it's unfortunate, but what can you do? they have to catch up to korean content before they can change directions :/
  2. Right now to deal enough damage to actually get credit you need to be in a party with both a sin and a warlock and both have to spec their party buffs and pop em at the same time, and even that is a crapshoot if they pop em right when the boss does a massive aoe knockback. the threshold for credit has to be dropped.
  3. agree with the OP, i don't care their reason, it is infuriating to try to do this content and get nothing all the g od d amn time. Fix the damn bosses so that you can get credit for participating. If you want to counter bots then ban the damn ones we report, don't drive away real players with shit like this.
  4. yeah no, you can't buy something with real money that you cannot get just playing the game. 1/10 troll topic is old dead horse.
  5. this would be a welcome feature, not enough MMO's have this.
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