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  1. The "Rats as I expected" line was the one I couldn't deal with anymore, it was actually legitimately starting to make me wince when I heard it. I have said this multiple times in multiple threads, but as an amateur voice actor myself, it really disappoints me to see so little effort put into most of the voice acting. I still attest that for some of the main characters, or for characters who clearly have well known voice actors, they do alright. But even taking that into consideration, when you HAVE a character that is on point with their voice acting, it is instantly ruined by another characte
  2. I can't argue with an option to turn it off, but there is definitely an issue with mouse sensitivity too that some people may not be noticing. The game really does have a tendency to tilt your view up or down while furiously flinging your fingers for those super awesome combos. If you play with an awesome game mouse, and your skills are all primarily set to it, you may be shaking your own screen accidentally, on TOP of the very real critical screen shake.
  3. As far as I can tell, from both research and testing of my own (I have not successfully beaten Jung Hado for these and other reasons) there are two things going on. People who can burn him down super quickly, or have a high ability to cancel him out of his powerful moves are claiming he is fine, while people who take a little bit longer to fight him, or who use characters that force him to allow a little more of his cycle to continue are noticing very real and concerning issues with his pattern. I want to make this very clear. I can and HAVE beaten Jung Hado several different times
  4. The end game focus of blade and soul is PvP. This game is an E-sport in at least Korea, and there are ALREADY talks with twitch to make sure it gets plenty of broadcast attention in NA as well. If PvP really isn't your thing, I would honestly suggest finding a different game, and I say that out of kindness and understanding of what is to come for Blade and Soul. This game does not just FORCE you to PvP, it is integrated into just about everything the game does. They don't just WANT you to PvP, they EXPECT you to do it. To hone your skills over time, as the game teaches you more and more things
  5. And why in the heck does it not matter what server we pick until AFTER the character is created? This is possibly one the WORST systems I have ever seen in an MMO, and let's just say at one point in my life I was closely associated to Nexon. Take that however you will, but if your goal is to emulate Nexon America, you may as well just shut yourselves down. TWO character slots is an insult to the free to play gamers that will not be able to afford your slots. Especially when you have six or seven different classes to play from. Keeping your players doing something new is a BIG way t
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