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  1. IKR It will literally take days... I wish they would just give us events that would be over in a few minutes, this is seriously cutting into my afk in Mushin tower time.
  2. dude it's like 5 bucks.. what are you gonna get a big mac?
  3. Yeah they are super cheap man! you should buy a few.
  4. is there any proof this is not a old profile pic?? If not you guys are being idiots.
  5. some people still have old profile pics from before, just look at mine on Mushin. I still have my old profile pic.
  6. TIL 1 day of farming makes you a no lifer.. srsly, why are you still here??
  7. Hmmmm I wonder why NcSoft would put censorship as a top priority...... http://prntscr.com/b5dkar
  8. The bots have premium now I really doubt they care about one salty kid.
  9. 135 stingers 50 moonstone 150 soulstones... wow, you know you can literally farm that in like 2 days doing sogun and ssp. If you get lucky and a ember or 2 drop and you split the gold and buy more stingers I could see this being done in one day of farming for like 8-10 hours. anyways good riddance, you are the type of person that would nonstop accuse anyone ahead of you of being wallet warrior.
  10. Rofl!!! If you don't agree with me you are part of the part of the problem. you sound like black lives matter or a feminist SJW right now. LOL
  11. I think a kick button would get abused and your anecdotal story of "this one time" dose nothing to change that fact.
  12. Hey look!! a youtube channel that admits they are paid shills of companies such as EA, Creative Assembly and Blizzard and have multiple episodes addressing lies they have told in the past... I'm sure this video is not total bullshit.
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