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  1. Way to still be an *cricket* in your comment. They aren't going to fix it because you can't play your class right. I hate saying this but get good. You do realize to take them out of stealth don't hit them when they move their hands in a circular motion around their upper half of their body. It's called decoy. That how they really go in to stealth. And if you weren't dumb enough you'd realize you can take them out of stealth with an AoE. So shut up. Stop complaining. And keep your problems to yourself because NCsoft isn't going to nerf the class just because you can't play yours right.
  2. Another picture >.< If your Crimson you know your better than Cerulean! Unless your not but Crimson Legion is #1!!!!!
  3. Hey again! My character still doesn't fail to deliver! I'm now lvl 37 :O
  4. The pink haired girl is my friend >O<
  5. This is my character hope you like her :) .....
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