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  1. Lol I played this game at release in NA bots were a problem then. Funny to see that they're still around and devs haven't done a thing to stop it.
  2. Hey yall, I haven't played for a while. How's this game doing? I had a LVL 45 HM1 or 2 Forcemaster and a few alts. Will I have fun checking out all the new stuff? Are servers still active? I was on Mushin. Just wondering if I should give this game another shot.
  3. This is like the male version of breasts being too big, why did you make the hands so unrealistically and unproportionally huge?
  4. He's all clean and smiling. Just how I like him.
  5. Working on getting a presentable Jin for my future warlock.
  6. That's one cute Lyn! OMG These tiny cat people are making me crazy.
  7. I was going for a Tatsumaki from One Punch Man vibe.
  8. Living in manhattan, unemployed, coke hourly, where's the money coming from?
  9. *cricket*... I thought I was unlucky...
  10. These polygons remind me of the Tomb Raider II ages... Took me about 40-50 runs. 3-4 days of farming. I had over 1200 tags when I finished.
  11. How are you tracking progress? Have you been holding on to all your tags? How many are you at?
  12. What the *cricket* I got first step yesterday, put it into the wardrobe and now it's not in my wardrobe... Why'd it disappear? EDIT: wooooooowww weird, when I go to filter by owned it's in there... when I filter all I don't see it.
  13. You lucky SOB... It took me 3 or 4 days of farming nonstop...
  14. Holy crap it's still there! Look at all the similar posts showing up about people wishing they could create new characters on different servers and retain their items. I knew from the start this would be an issue.
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