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  1. Destroyer bots

    Lol I played this game at release in NA bots were a problem then. Funny to see that they're still around and devs haven't done a thing to stop it.
  2. Hey yall, I haven't played for a while. How's this game doing? I had a LVL 45 HM1 or 2 Forcemaster and a few alts. Will I have fun checking out all the new stuff? Are servers still active? I was on Mushin. Just wondering if I should give this game another shot.
  3. I was about to spend $50 to get a costume and some stuff back in February, so I charged my card through paypal. Changed my mind and let the coin stay on my account. Caught myself playing this game less and less and decided I'd rather have the $50 back if I can. I contacted support yesterday and got a refund within 5 freakin minutes! I was blown away at how fast of a response I got. I'm not used to rapid response from a large company. Thank you.
  4. Show off your characters!!

    This is like the male version of breasts being too big, why did you make the hands so unrealistically and unproportionally huge?
  5. BnS on Apple Products?

    I've heard of people running it through Wine. Go and google bns on wine, I'm sure you'll find something. Good luck.
  6. bot kfm at arena

    Would be a great time for a NCSoft rep to respond with "We're looking into it". Then later something like "This bot has been caught and banned". Show the people that they care and all. Just sayin.
  7. How to stop arena AFK bots?

    Game popular. People give money. Why care.
  8. Are aim bots in BnS?

    But he also said this: and what makes it even worse is the fact that when i freeze them with ice mine, their chars turn to follow mine so that u can't even stand behind them...
  9. Are aim bots in BnS?

    There are bots that move and track you while frozen or webbed. They will see you in stealth across the map and will turn the instant you move. Yes we know we can see through stealth sometimes if we try, but normal people can't turn while rooted.
  10. Are aim bots in BnS?

    Yes there are bots in arena. There are KFM bots in plat that destroy most people. This has been a hot topic for the past week+
  11. You can mail yourself all the gold and items you want.
  12. Ewwwwww. Female costume is ewww. Male costume is awesome. Reminds me of LU BU.
  13. Why is no one policing this?

    There's like 2 active CMs on this forum. I'm guessing they're off right now. So we have this.