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  1. Vreezi's Diamond assassin stream!

    Couldn't play for a few days because my WTFast trial ran out but now I'm back with somewhat less shitty ping! Streaming live now :)
  2. Vreezi's Diamond assassin stream!

    Big apologies for not being online for like the past week or so - I got hit with a permaban on twitch out of the blue for "spamming, scamming, or spreading other malicious content" and I believe this was from my account info getting hacked or something. Regardless, I cleared up the misunderstanding and have gotten my account unbanned, so I will be streaming regularly from now on! I appreciate all of the new viewers and followers who tuned in last stream. Stream is live once again right now! Sitting at rank 11 right now, hoping to hit around rank 5~ tonight ^_^
  3. Idk if I want to join a clan just yet, as I am looking for a specific kind of environment that is probably pretty rare, but I figured I'd make a post cause why not. Hi, I'm Vreezi and I'm a shitty sin main who likes to rage at pvp balance and tilt streamers. I (might) want to join a clan that doesn't suck, is VERY PvP focused. Now, a lot of clans say they are "PvX" or "PvP", but in reality nobody actually ever PvP's and instead circlejerks with whatever shitty PvE content we have right now. This is slightly more boring than the stale meta we have right now for arena, so I'd like to stick with the latter. I like clan members that can both talk and receive shit (in a friendly-ish way of course), not those self-proclaimed "family" clans that jump on you if you curse. (oh no!) Immaturity is fine and in fact encouraged, but not to the point of being annoying or over the top. Nobody likes that psuedo 14-year old in the clan. I also like clan members that don't suck at the game. This is a pretty big selling point for me. I know that I'm not THAT great at this game, so I don't expect a ton, but if I'm the best player in the guild that's probably gonna be an issue. Ideally I would prefer the clan to take the game somewhat seriously, but obviously understand that it's a video game and it won't be my #1 priority in life. Be prepared to coddle me through PvE if I do ever decide to get off my ass and do it, as I have like level 35 gear or something and last I checked around 14k health. I die at least 5 times to big 4, 10 on a bad day. I reached diamond in preseason, and although I haven't played a ton since reset I'm sitting around low plat right now. Once I overcome my saltiness/boredom of this meta and get off my ass to start grinding for real, I will probably stay around the top 20 (hopefully 10) of my class once things level out. That being said, I am nowhere near the level of skill of someone like Virus/Yohmah/etc and I know this. I was planning on streaming regularly but the first time in forever I actually started picking up a decent amount of viewers and followers, twitch decided to hit me with that fat perma on my twitch account out of the *cricket*ing blue and for literally zero reason. Still trying to figure out why and get my account back. BibleThump. That's pretty much it I think. If you think your guild fits the description feel free to message me or leave a comment below I guess. And please, save me the copy/paste responses - Nobody likes that.
  4. Vreezi's Diamond assassin stream!

    New season new PvP - new and improved with summoner buffs and increased sin salt! Starting to rank again and streaming right now~
  5. Vreezi's Diamond assassin stream!

    I finally reached Diamond! Sadly it was about 5 hours before the ranks reset :( Oh well, doing some chill spars before servers go down. Come check it out if you want~
  6. Reaching plat is... easy?

    Lol if you're talking about stalling for points with a cheese poison stacking build then yeah, it works pretty well on bad players. I have done the same thing many times with the sole intention of pissing people off, namely big streamers (i have a collection of vods of making streamers rage, it's pretty great). But, you won't get much further than where you're at until you improve. I played against you while you were still high gold, and to be honest, it was a pretty *cricket*ing easy win. No offense of course, but your mechanics are lacking. You can only rely on cheese so long, I know this first hand. Once people stop allowing you to play for time and are good enough to punish you for it, you're going to have a bad time. This is why I have been adjusting my build away from cheese and more to outplay and trying to improve. Only reason I'm commenting here is to hopefully be the grounding voice of reason to all of the whiners here who think sin is OP and whatnot (makes me laugh every time). Frankly, the only people who say this are just bad and are too incapable of accepting this fact, so they will never improve learn or learn how to beat them. Sins are lower middle tier of classes right now, and take very high skill to play if you are going for non-cheese wins, whether you like it or not. We have a crazy amount of things gatekeeping us from getting diamond, even if we are highly skilled players (namely BD's pentaslash, summoners entire kit, really good FM's, etc) as of THIS patch.
  7. ROFL weak class? Anyone who cant hit plat with a summoner on this current patch is plain *cricket*ing bad at the game. No exceptions. /thread Plat is polluted with the little *cricket*ers. There's a reason.
  8. Vreezi's Diamond assassin stream!

    After bouncing back and forth from Plat over the past few days and overcoming the salt, I finally managed to get up to around 1975~ rating. Hoping to hit 2k today and going to start streaming now, come join if you either hate summoners, are salty af, or want to learn something new ;)
  9. Vreezi's Diamond assassin stream!

    I'm gonna attempt to grind to diamond starting today! I have been practicing a lot and I think I have it in me to get there before I rage uninstall, so tune in if you feel like it :^)
  10. Seems like you didn't read what I said. Enjoy your feedback from all of the korean devs m8
  11. So you're asking the koreans devs a question on the english forums of NCWest, of which they have no jurisdiction over really, in the english language? Seems productive.
  12. Vreezi's Diamond assassin stream!

    Oops, I just realized what you were asking about the flower while flying. The most optimal opener you can do against most opponents is where you place your flower, then block, then RMB to stealth all while gliding. To do this, start the match by sprinting, jumping up, gliding, then press space to stop gliding and fall, press v (flower), then space again to keep gliding, then space, 2 (counter), space, RMB into stealth. To put it simply, buttons it would be jump>space>v>space>space>2>space>RMB. I would try practicing this on mobs before doing it in pvp, it takes some practice to pull off consistently. Hope this helps! Btw, starting my stream right now so tune in if you want :)
  13. Vreezi's Diamond assassin stream!

    First of all thanks for tuning in and for the compliments! ^^ As far as summoner goes, honestly i don't have a concrete way to beat them yet. The discrepancy of skill to power ratio between assassin and summoner in this matchup is honestly *cricket*ing retarded (ie: scummoner dank freelo farm). The only times I win are when I'm playing out of my *cricket*ing mind AND if the summoner manages to *cricket* up super hard somehow. That being said, it isn't impossible. Spec your c for 3 points, spec 2 points into q for left step, and spec 3 points into smokebomb for heal. These are the main abilities that will let you buy time while the summoner has the flower reveal on your back. They give you tons of healing, resist, and time to stall until it's over. Also, a huge tip I wish I knew sooner is that the flower thing goes away if the summoner drops targeting. This means that whenever you get it on you, you can either flower the *cricket* away or use ss + bolt step to bye felicia. Also, if you can, try to tab switch the pet away, stealth, then use your 1 skill to sleep the cat for 30 seconds. Then, as long as you don't hit it, you will have 30 seconds to wail on the summoner. Air-webbing the cat or summoner also helps a lot to buy a bit of time, but webbing the cat is preferable because if you web the summoner the cat can just get a free pin because *cricket* you and your skill based combat. Vile makes some amazing guides on youtube, and he made one for summoner recently. It gives tons of helpful tips and he gives you a cool build to play against them which I have yet to try out, but it seems legit af. Check him out, hes the sin senpai. For your second question, I honestly have no idea what you're asking. Sorry XD if you can rephrase or something I might be able to help.
  14. You realize that the summoner vs assassin matchup is completely built from the ground up to be 100% in the summoners favor right? Unless you're not max level or close to it, I honestly have no clue how you're having trouble. And yes, I am a sin player. Peaked at a little over 1900 so no, I'm not some bomani crying for nerfs either. Honestly I hate saying this generally, but maybe just get better and spar against sins (ie: git gud).
  15. Vreezi's Diamond assassin stream!

    So today I learned pressing the 8 key is an exploit and sin takes no skill. Learn something new every day!