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  1. Casual players being shunned? NCSoft help?

    You may have answered your own question. The people asking for 470+ AP are a little unreasonable but it's their group and that's how they want to roll. Nothing NCSOFT can do to change that. Why don't you band with your guildies and try to do it yourselves? Though to be honest, enrage mechanics kind of force you to have a certain amount of AP/CRIT.
  2. summoners perma hide/perma resist

    Here I thought the 3v3 might be a little safer, but nope. Just got out of a 3 summoner team and at least two of them were using this. Great time to log off. Good night.
  3. summoners perma hide/perma resist

    It's the pet taking the damage, not him. Look at the side of the damage, it says "Resist" on every swing.
  4. summoners perma hide/perma resist

    This appears to be new. We just saw a Lv 44 Summoner bot/exploiter/hacker reach 2100+ rating, to give you an example. Here's a video I took earlier of one. It's the same rotation everytime. Once they take damage once, they go perma stealth/perma resist and can spam skills nonstop, even if their cooldown isn't up. You also can't target them at all once they do this. So your only hope of hitting them, is to AOE in some way. But again, perma resist.
  5. summoners perma hide/perma resist

    Naisho, I don't think you know what's actually happening. Currently, there is some Summoners using a hack/exploit to go perma resist and perma stealth. It's not a 2-5 second stealth or resist. It's permanent. The most I've been able to survive is 1 minute and for 1 minute they were in stealth with full resist. Additionally, they don't seem to run out of resources, cause they can spam their skills nonstop.
  6. There is no such thing as a "WOW killer". This has been asked before, again and again and again in many, many other game's forums. You don't need an MMO to trump another. We're at a time where there is so many MMO and most of them cater to different audiences. Someone who enjoys WOW, likely won't enjoy B&S as much and just the same, someone who enjoys B&S, probably won't find WOW enjoyable.
  7. How to beat Junghado????

    Enrage is actually, exactly, 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Above the boss health you should see an icon with the timer but it only shows at the beginning of the fight (When boss HP is nearly full) and near the end of the fight (When the timer icon is reaching 0 or when the boss' HP is reaching 20%) You can see it below @ 25:15 and again at the very end of the fight. This link skips to Junghado. https://youtu.be/aeDiOH_w27k?t=1515
  8. imposible to kill Jughando F7 - FM

    This isn't me. Just the first video that came up on Youtube.
  9. Those of you who requested transfer off Mushin over the weekend (I requested mine on Saturday). Did you get your weapon skin / outfits transferred? I received my NCOINS and name transfer; but I am still waiting on weapon skin / outfit. Is this common? Yes, I did submit a follow up ticket but that was back on monday. No response as of yet.
  10. Please Open Poharan

    Poharan is also with queue for premium members as it is. There is reason why it's locked.
  11. Still waiting server transfer

    Mine took over 48 hours mate. Submitted on Saturday, the very moment the announcement went up and only just a few moments ago received transferred items. I am still missing the two Master Pack outfits, but I am sure they'll get to that, too. My NCOINS were refunded as well. Be patient; there is tons of people ahead and behind you.
  12. Charcter movement locked

    It's prob experienced here more, because you're using WASD and multiple keys more frequently and combining them. That can cause the driver to get out of whack. To add to the poster above, SS spam will fix that usually. You can also try pressing WASD in random directions while trying to control the camera with your mouse. The solution is to do counter the key input error, so the driver is forced to refresh.
  13. Charcter movement locked

    It's not a game issue; more of a driver issue with some keyboards. It happens in almost every MMO I've played (GW2, AION, WOW, TERA, etc).
  14. Submitted mine almost immediately after it became available; (Request # 3372526) no response yet. I am happy it worked for you, though.
  15. Where to from Mushin?

    Poharan, Jiwan are not wise choices at this time. They're climbing rappidly in numbers and may be the next "Mushin" servers.