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  1. Oh yea im sure they are aware of that but they either 1 dont care or 2 they just dont have the resources or dont want to. As i said how are they gonna open up a 3rd server when both servers have issues and EU is constantly crashing? Im in NA and i get like anywhere from 200-400 ping open world and arena and im in NA yes im far away from the servers but still my ping shouldent be NEARLY that high. EU seen ppl there have like 100-200 ping some people live in the same city as the servers and they get like 200 ping. To answer ur question on why those other games have it and bns dosnt is cause 1 bn
  2. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but theres a very very very slim chance this will happen and a petition doesnt really do anything other then show NC how bad ppl want it which they are aware of. Example oceanic servers people wanted since release, people asked and asked and asked and the answer was and still is at this time:No. Again i dont want to sound like an @$$ but jus telling how it is, also if they can barely maintain 2 servers (which both are being done horribly) then how do u think they are gonna set up a 3rd server?
  3. dmoe33

    Dungeon AFKers

    If im in a pt with an afker and i have some friends i would just sit there in front of the afker to spite em :3 But yea its really a problem if i get into a dung and theirs an afker or bot i leave right away, honestly if they dont put in a system to deal with afkers I dunno how they gonna combat bots
  4. Hey all ive encountered of what i think is a bug or some control that i am unaware of. Basically my character gets locked movement in 1 direction, like if u look one way and move around without moving the camera ; the character is stuck looking 1 way yet the camera is fine. ^sorry if was unclear Help appreciated ] Edit: also the camera mob targeting is off so when i look at a mob it does not target it: targeting seems to be in front of the character
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