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  1. im playing 2 other f2p games atm none of em treat their players this bad i mean its obvious they are just milking it but they dont even try to hide it Dont see how u cant read computer text and checking my sentence structure isnt the point of this thread, if u have nothing to add other then insults then idk y u commented
  2. ur exactly right about that u need to know mechanics of boss overall then u should check ur gear but again this is now and im more worried about later down the road when we get harder dungs (not familiar with other versions) which will need higher end gear but yes u are correct u need to know mechanics, however even if u just forget about the gear upgrading part its NC intentionally exploiting their players to get a profit and dont get me wrong i realize their a company and they aim to make profits but seriously this is low trove was low first rng boxes was low and future events im anticipating it to be low. The advantage im talking about is they are getting a crazy head start and dont have to grind that much with these items. Also its not just AP thats a factor which many people dont realize u also need things like crit and cdmg which buying these boxes will allow u to get more of through the use of upgrade mats which causes them to progress much much faster. Thus leaving u behind and in how fast content is coming out if u want to enjoy the new content (dungs) then u gotta have the gear (yes and knowledge) to clear it and if u dont have it or are undergeared u wont find partys easily (pug runs). Basically u can look at it from both ways but whichever way u choose both of em point to one thing: this is wrong, exploitation of players and no care shown to what players are requesting and ignoring the issues. If they at least fixed some issues it wouldent be as bad. Its a fourm for a video game chill
  3. Its not required but upgrading ur weapon is a huge part of bns and u may not need scorpio now but im talking later down the road once we get harder dungs that need higher tier gear. People right now are recruiting 550 AP for asura when u can do it fine with like 500 so if they rec 500 now what will it be next patch? p2w isnt required anywhere in anygame (u could say p2p but not rlly win), even if,forget upgrading weapon part its the fact a player who pays money gets a pretty significant advantage over a f2p player and the thing is NC know it, they know what they are doing and go through with it, they know players who spend money will get a big advantage and tbh it kills the game heres y: Why do we grind dungs over and over again? cause we want to upgrade our character right? if we can jus pay for all of it then whats the point? not only that is that it is INTENTIONAL. Like i said im all for treating ur paying players good but this isnt that
  4. u talkin AVA? I know aeria games was pretty bad still play one of there MMOs) but they greatly improved if it was only cosmetics it would be fine which this one does and there is items u can use to upgrade ur gear but honestly it dosnt give u such a huge a advantage ofc it gives u a nice boost but not as much as bns and u can get it in f2p means. Anyway thats a bit off topic but for bns since content comes so fast u need to have ur gear up to date in order to complete it thus if u cant get it as fast as others do u start to fall behind which then results in u not being able to enjoy the content that comes at a fast rate thus hurting ur experiance. so yea if it was only cosmetics or there was another reliable f2p method to get em sure but in their current state no. Well as i stated above with content coming out so fast u could define "winning" as progressing in an mmo although u can define it how u like. Whatever u define it as its not right and NC knows it yet they still follow through.
  5. please let us get this bikini

  6. Yea this is what i usually say well what i usually say when discussing p2w is defining winning cause really in an MMo there is no way to "win" but really no matter what way u look at it its obvious its a scummy way a company is tempting players to spend money on their game and thus gaining a pretty big advantage over others who dont. Usually i wouldent be too upset about it back when RNG moonwater boxes were released i wasnt happy but i was like meh, now with content coming out so fast and requiring better and better gear this is just an obvious cash grab exploiting their players if content slowed (which is a different topic entirely) it would help but still not much. Basically its obvious what NC is doing and its not good
  7. IkR i miss when it was 1:70 ;-; Im always lazy when writing posts and just stuff online in general not writing an essay im trying to relay info so its not rlly important... and im super lazy ^^
  8. Sooo when NC said they didnt wanna make bns p2w if it wasnt obvious before it is now that that was a blatant lie it was bad when they released RNG boxes back when moonwater plains was still relevant they then released Treasure trove which is a huge P2W scheme and now they release silverfrost RNG boxes which is again another example of P2W. Now some of u are gonna say "oh jus farm gold and use currency exchange its not p2w" im sorry but ur wrong and thats just straight up damage control. Even if u wanted to do it with gold it would be WAAAAAAY less efficient then using $$$$ because 1 RNG sucks and 2 Things like these crash currency exchange which then results in being able to 1 further push the ppl who spend on the game even further then they already can be and 2 further screw over the f2p group by pushing them farther and farther behind like they already are. Now not everythings a race yea but u dont exactly want to spend forever upgrading also i personally like to progress fast which when silverfrost hit it was slowed but i was ok but then these P2W aspects came into play and now just because im an f2p player i am extremely far behind part of it being me not being able to play much and farm dungs much but the majority due to these P2W aspects NC are introducing. Im all for rewarding people who support ur game and giving em good stuff but this is pushing it wayy too much. Honestly im playing less and less everyday due to other stuff and the demotivating atmosphere NC has created with these P2W models. Im not butthurt on not being able to upgrade as fast im butthurt cause people are getting a significant advantage over me jus for spending cash on the game thus affecting me because people keep recruiting for higher and higher requirements for dungs (i do pug runs) thus reducing the overall partys i am able to join thus affecting my experience resulting in killing the mood to play or spend cash on here. TBH shoulda seen it coming and i dont expect these to stop, its been proven NC dont care and are just milking da game if it wasnt proven in ur face before it definitely is now. Feels free to post ur opinions but please keep it to a civil discussion
  9. For those familiar with other versions (if they are even in them) what do the new stones do EXACTLY? liek for example to go to breeze u need 190 stingers will it make it go down to like what 90 ish stingers if its 40%? also is it rng based on the % or is it a separate craft for each %?(if they are even crafted) also please please please PLEASE tell me its not another p2w scam cause that would just be the worst. Replies appreciated
  10. Force Master pve in general

    Yea pugs runs suck really bad in asura its rare to find a run that can clear. Whats even worse is when someone blames u and tries to tell u how to play ur class even though they either are a different class or dont know wdf they are talking about. I always get that as an fm Like example someone blamed me for not sheathing during a yeti att cause it was on cd and he got REALLY mad and started flaming me when he could of used one of his skills to protect himself/party, theres starting to be more and more people like dat idk
  11. They wont theyll tell u to contact CS TBH they arnt CS so u guys shouldent be flaming them. Last time i talked anything bad about NC on fourms they banned for even trying to be reasonable with them so basically if they dont like what ur saying theyll ban u like me. CS is useless they even said that they cant do anything LEGIT NO JOKE they are mostly copy paste answers from usual CS support which is expected but considering how broken things are and they arnt doing anything to fix it even though they claim or if so then they should tell us what there doing cause right now NOTHING is being done. Dont flame those guys cause they are just community peeps (from what i know) so they cant/wont be able to help u, will i get banned for saying that? i wont be surprised
  12. Auction tax?

    So basically theres a set increment u have to bid for it to count? First off thats pretty stupid 2nd why dafaq doesnt it tell u then?
  13. Auction tax?

    What is the deal with when u bid for an item? Like say u wann bid 2g on sumthin but instead it bids 2g 30s is that some sort of tax? How much is it?
  14. Dragonchar Mastery, is it worth it?

    LOL WDF I WAS THINKING BEAM BUT THAT LOOOOOOOL. Seriously even though that may not be viable currently cause idk wdf focus regen he got but that looks fun af to do lol To da op yea its super useful as u can see there and for beam -1s cd for drags and the def/parry pierce for pvp so yea its rlly good