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  1. Pareil pour moi, je suis retourné signaler sur la partie anglophone que c'est loin d'être réglé , ils ont 10 pages de bug reportés rien que sur 7 jours ....
  2. Yes we confirm, on the AZERTY keyboard the 1,2,3,4,5 buttons are right above the A,Z,E,R,T keys, and you can't bind them as numbers to the skillshot regardless of the character's class . When you try , you get a reponse from the same buttons if the keyboard was qwerty . I don't get why is it so hard to understand . i don't own a qwerty keyboard but a simple picture on google can get you an idea . by the way, this website is so basic i can't even insert an azerty keyboard picture from a simple url ... & é " ' ( - è _ ç à > those buttons are workin
  3. How could you guys fook up so much a simple graphic update to the point that the whole game is unplayable ...
  4. Don't bother NCSoft i just uninstalled the game . I realize this is not worth my time or the trouble at all and neither are you . see you in12 months (maybe)
  5. Same goes for me,skills with the keys "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 won't respond at all . it's like the never test anything before shipping to prod servers .
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