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  1. Well, there's a thing that is rarely discussed within community It's the camera position features on the bottom in camera configuration This is really nice feature so player can experiences BnS in different way 💪 Unfortunately only the horizontal position is works, meanwhile the vertical position is not working right now Hope it'll be fixed on future patch GodSpeed for game dev 💪
  2. MSP for 10 FPS lmao!? U sure u meet ur minimum spec on your PC for this update? 1. You should be happy with your current dps because of free ET weapon that can make 3.5m dmg/s, u are not doing those painful pve weapon grinding which far worse than your current one. You are a returner player and your opinion want the game to punish those loyal players effort on raising their dmg and gear!? 2. Bombarded where? I only see that on f10 and front character select only. 3. F8 is still active anyway, if you find that player doesn't want to join u that is probably because ur dp
  3. Thanks for the information on these dungeon updates. I was kinda stunned with "recommended HM 25" on every dailies dungeon recently and skipping dungeon dailies yesterday. Gonna try this one then.
  4. Please don't fight 😰 It'll be fixed soon Cheers 💪
  5. Server NA - Yura Character name: Myuuno - BM Ketcun - GS both of them have unfinised moonlit soul in their inventory and can't login because of System Error 300
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