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  1. Thank you so much for the update, we are really glad that the soul boost is extended. I dont know if its possible for you to answer this question @Green Storm, but what will happen to the lost points that players have lost? will we get compensation for that? or will the points be lost and we will need to complete other quests that might not be enough to complete till the max lvl? I didnt receive the points i have lost yet.
  2. I was hoping for a fix, but looks like they still didnt fix it. I lost a total of 1200 points and still dont have them back. Did stage 1 and 4 quests (they had the lowest points in case the points dont count) to see if new quest points will count, but none did. I am too afraid to continue, bcz no one knows when they decide to have an emergency maintance again for a fix. In my opinion, its better to wait on completing any quests for those who still have that bug, bcz if they fix it...you will be able to get some points at least instead of nothing if the points will get lost at the end. I have
  3. yes, i started game plenty of times, but still somehow cant log in the game and have the same issue 😞 i tried login into the NA server and it works fine. Right now im thinking if i should delete the whole game or not, bcz it takes too much time downloading and updating.
  4. Hi, im a player from the Jinsoyun server. Since yesterday (09-09) 03:00 till today (09-09) 16:15 i keep trying to log into the game, but when im about to put the code in, an error message pops up saying "Failed to connect server. SystemErr - (100 : Web Authentication Failure) " and idk how to fix that. does anyone have this same issue? Appologie if i didnt notice it in forums!
  5. i really have high hopes and really expect you to win, great artwork. love it!
  6. (ORIGINAL) Bigger size with better graphics: https://imgur.com/KrabIjR 2nd pic (2048x1200) : -Character name: lIXxBulleT ProoFxXIl -Server: Jinsoyun -Short description: No matter how hard your situation is, keep on fighting...fight for your loved ones and for yourself. :)
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