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  1. As Far as i know light archer was nerfed recently, since no more 100000000% modificators on sunburst with 3-set Nova core, while (suprise suprise, why they did that) Wind was actually buffed. Let's wait then, i do not mind since im not dps slave like OP - i do play wind from day 1 and wont change it, even if it will deal 2m less. Let's also wait for bm3 nerf, so all mains will reroll to archers^^
  2. Because, (more than one answer may be correct, so pick wisely) a) you are most op spec out there so far b) fps of most ppl in 6-man / 12-man is shiz c) no one is flexing in dungs (maybe in hards) d) there is no difference for some ppl if they do 2m or 4m as long as content is cleared smooth As for gear consideration, i do believe Im slightly lower then you (Full ET, TB3, not on true tiger and not on AWK champions heart at least) and Im Wind archer which assuming stereotypes about newly released classes are correct, should be somewhat op - and guess what,
  3. Maybe wishing for XX % flat dps increase as Fire gunners - I do not blame for trying ^^
  4. There is no need to guess - such dmg with things op says about his gear means only BM3
  5. That is not true, reduction is off in second skill in line 1 (moving ability) - before, I had 29k max, now im sitting on 37 on skill (windbolt i.e) And Im using moving ability, it does not take your 30% dmg, believe me.
  6. Hi, I have to say that is a bad idea and that is why: 1. Blood Roses are for endgame gear - which in its fundamentals should be quite hard to get - You can always buy those from raid sellers (yes they are expensive, cause apparently endgame gear eats those like candies) and do not wine about your own raid is not giving you access to them. 2. Soul Shields are optional - be aware that full TT gear allows you to faceroll all the content so far. So if you want to get better gear, you work for it hard or swipe. 3. Here i won't comment since Im not sur
  7. Hey, As far as I rememeber, you need to go to quests (J) and on the second tab you need to find a letter quest with "Homegrown Horrors" name on it. I believe that was a pre-quest for both ET weeklies. Cheers,
  8. Do not worry, submitted a ticket in this case... and the response is: "WORKING AS INTENDED" I opened 500 boxes - 1 leg. box, equals 0.2%!!!
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