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  1. Treasure keys and 108 boxes

    Ps: this is working as intended
  2. Treasure keys and 108 boxes

    please, next time just adding the exchange outfit tab with coin or tokens for this kind gambling simulator at least you can get the outfit you want. no offence but this bingo game sucks too much. overall I brought around 250 keys and 0 luck with the outfit I desire. plus even if you go for full set collection you would need 3 or 2 for both sets. this is a big scam I had so far. now let me go find mushin in f8 and end myself there.
  3. Treasure keys and 108 boxes

    I get about 4purple boxes and rest are all blue. I wanna go kms in the game... so bad rng.
  4. Ascension Pouch Available Until March 22 for 0 NCoin

    this doesn't change the fact that I lost almost 350+ white orbs with other dungeons mats, what is compensation of that? I am done with this sickness game. good luck of continuing with the so called 'Nc development team' you people don't even care about. Btw can you send me printed bill that I spend on Ncoin purchase?
  5. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    so In the concept of delete old Items, I had about 350 of white orbs, if I had farmed all of them in the current patch with full 6 man party that is about 35k gold. But what NCsoft did. sorry, I don't know what u guys talking about. Me so sorry we can not do anything else.its all development teams fault. Me: it's fine, I should never played this game. not to mention the money I spend in this game. I mean those white orbs I got from trove too. with my hard earning money. And I even Troved today. That just sad. Glad Jonathan and Linxy left the game, or we might just blame at them. Thx BNS you just lose more player because of that.
  6. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    I mean even with Antiques I do expect with at least some compensation. the only reason I didn't sell my 350 white orbs(1800G) is that you people said in the stream that it will be replaced with new items. I mean think about it. As I do hope with at least some compensation at this moment for all the players who sold they white orbs today.
  7. thanks, I will try.
  8. As some outfits limited to its race so I wondering does it changes to other Race.
  9. Want to change Yun into Gon, does my Yun outfit changes to Gon or it still Yun? can someone help me, please!!
  10. Mushin's tower 16-20 bracelet

    Bullshit, I had 62 runs still not a single bracelet dropped, maybe my RNG sucks IDK............
  11. Mushin's Tower Floor 16-20

    Had 62 runs so far in floor 20 and not a single bracelet drop, this drop rate really sucks. Plz, fix it.............
  12. Recently I have a plan for outfit Promise and its achievement Crafty collector and it cost about Soulstone 1750 Frozen stinger 1750 Silverfrost mountain Dew 3500 Small Dragon Certificate 1050 And other material from each Gathering Guild Crafting outfit Fabric 175 Mirage Crystal 364 Gold cost about 1200G Estimate time: Unknown So my problems for this is I have 600 Small Dragon Certificate with my Blade Dancer and I wish I can Email them to my KungFu master So I can finish my project for this task.