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  1. how am i supposed to farm 8 throne of oblivion fragz in just 6 days, before patch goes live ? - as well as what if the spec itself isnt to my liking and i wish to go back to my thornbreaker mystic badge ..... ? how will that play out when you guys are saying things like "one-way only" ?
  2. Hello, first off as the title suggests i would very much appreciate it from the dev team if they could find a way to implement Blood Roses as a merchant item to either Moon Refuge or Midnight Skypetal Plains NPC's - seeing how most my raid team ends up playing second fiddle to our most "Swiping" colleagues, providing them with much needed resources to edge on ALWAYS as top picks at this current time, F10 specials just wont cut it second topic would be implementing another way of access to Scarlet Soul Shields, seeing how the same people are marketing up costs for obtaining shield pieces, most of which havent even a decent roll on them to begin with Lastly, would be your unending desire to fail in media outlets, and total disregard for what MYSELF, as well as countless others keep on saying - FAIL to listen to the needs of your more "stable" playerbase, and you end up with a bunch of kiddos that think this game is "kewl", and 2 weeks later give up completely due to the poor management of information spread across various platforms - most of which you have ZERO impact Stop being yourselves for a SINGLE moment and place yourselves in our shoes, the peeps who've been around for the past 3+ years !!!!!
  3. [Crimson] Rupture - Is now Recruiting

    how much moneyz you got ? i'm all set to lead boyo