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  1. it's working now! Users who help here should earn at least one prominent icon!
  2. I'm already 2 days with this problem believe me? cookedpc\loginstage_003.upk Already uninstalled and installed twice ... And the same happened here. I want play !
  3. Loved the news! I hoped it would take longer! I look forward to playing with this new graphics engine! Let's help spread this great news on Twitter!
  4. I totally agree with you. Honestly I also miss blue quests with great BnS stories, that's from the life to the mmorpg universe that was presented to us.
  5. Hii~ I'm new and I can't do this quest...I was excited to see what I could sell. There is a quest to show you "marketplace" but it says I need level 35 to display marketplace. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. Thank you for listening to our concerns, taking them seriously, doing something about it, and communicating it to us.
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