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  1. For my Astromancer, I currently have the Irrepressible SS. I also have the 8 sealed pieces of the Luminary SS. Is the Luminary SS better than the Irrepressible? Also, is the "Way of the Luminary" achievement worth expending 40 unsealing charms to get?
  2. In my case, I only had to wait another week to get the outfit. Originally, the due date for getting the outfit was Oct 14 (from an announcement on Sep 23). Luckily for me, the due date had been extended to Oct 21, so I was still able to get it. Sad to hear that Support is unable (or unwilling( to help you.
  3. I got the 10 minute notice for Epic Challenge, but never got the notice that it was open and the icon for entering it never appeared. I even tried <esc> to make all icons appear. Still no Epic Challenge icon. (screen pic: https://postimg.cc/hXts2sdw) Was this a system glitch or is there something I have to qualify for the current epic? (Was working for me yesterday when the epic was Dragon's Lair (Koldrak)
  4. I followed the instructions here: https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000997746-How-Do-I-Purchase-NCoin- I found no place to purchase Ncoin. Also, I checked GameStop.com and a few other stores. No Ncoin cards are available. If players can't purchase Ncoin, please extend time limit for purchasing Armory Keys as well as the time limit for farming items to purchase the keys in-game. If purchasing Ncoin is possible, please provide new, up-to-date instructions. Thanks.
  5. I am lvl 60. I completed whatever quest was attached the tournament invitation, then the "participate in a dual" quest (whatever it's called) from the board on Mushin's Hall and completed that. I would expect that to be the "basic first" dualing quest. There were 3 others, "Victory in the Tournament", "Triple Tag Trial" and "Tag Match Win". If a tag match is necessary, I can just wait until tag matches are being run. If a win is necessary - well, the opponent I was matched to killed me with just 2 hits (Thornbreaker vs Grand Celestial - no match)
  6. (Screen pictures at https://postimg.cc/gallery/ysfMr34) I read the tournament invitation letter, accepted the quest, etc, then successfully entered an arena match. Despite that, the Daily Challenge screen says "Unable to accept". What else do I need to do to be able to complete the One on One daily challenge?
  7. I said that, too, in my original reply to this topic. I got at least 3 days of at least 3 daily challenges done well before maintenance started. (Pretty sure it was 4 days).
  8. I did say "also". So there is no ambiguity, I checked all 3 of: * Received Mail * Received Items * Hongmoon Store There is no costume nor tokenn nor voucher to get the costume.
  9. I created an Astromancer and I did the 3 daily challenges on at least 3 days (with my Astromancer), but I have not received the Astromancer Skybright costume. I also checked in the Hongmoon store. I saw the bundles of vouchers, but no Skybright costume.
  10. The level 50 voucher is how you get to end game. It by passes nearly all the leveling, so there should be no reason to nerf the lower levels. So far, my "end game" experience has been endless grinding to get the various materials to upgrade my characters' weapons. This is just a different form of leveling - and not nearly as fun.
  11. With the new archer class, I decided to make my 4th character. In the time I've been playing, the lower levels just keep getting simplified. A lot of the fun in leveling has gone away. Since you have vouchers for making level 50 characters,players that don't want to take the time to level a new character can go straight to 50, so where's the need for all this over simplification? Sure, leveling did involve some grinding, but it wasn't overly tedious. Now, all the grinding is at the high levels, and it's very tedious. At least, before, the variety of quests made it less tedious. Ple
  12. An alternative to ripping models from the game, there is open source software that takes a series of pictures taken from different angles around the subject. I don't know if it's allowed to name or link to even open source software in these forums, but you can search for open source photogrammetry. Of course, as SayhaSeer points out, there may be legal issues using screen pictures from the game. Even in the preview window, your toon will be moving, but not as much as in-world. I would suggest at least 30 pictures, each from a different angle.
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