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  1. Markers over players head not working

    Nope, i can see all the names around me and i even have the life bar active,and yes the party numbers
  2. Like the tittle says i cant get it to work, what is weird (at least for me) is that the marker over MY head does appear but when i try to activate the other options, which is "hide mine" or even "show all" only mine seems to work.
  3. Question about the new event

    the Dragon token is the same amount of mats a Breakthrough cost right now. The only real problem (i cant find it) is the "significant" cost reduction, because the cost to transmute 1 token just to "reduce" will end up being more expensive.
  4. "We'd love to hear your feedback".

    1) i see your point, and understanding it on the "p2w" eyes, tbh its just and idea and i dont see that even be on the design table ever. 2) and 3) the gain from the purple stages is pretty much way too little in my opinion, seems more logical to have them like the talisman for the purple stages, i really got lucky that this event had the leggo soul, up until before the awakening patch i was running the stormbringer........ i didnt even had the stage 6 on me. (been playing 3 months) For the power spikes, yea i do see your point. 4) i forgot to put "thats a random number", a higher price must be needed i do agree completely, or setting them for buds, taking in mind that each box only gives you between 4-6 and the lowest life monsters are 400k with a req of 20 kills per box i would see it more fair than peaches (it would also make that area more alive XD, i think CB has more players than this one) 5) like really the amount of outfits and just 3 at a time........... i can understand "Season" ones like the "beach" outfits, wouldnt make sense for those to be sold for christmas and viceversa, but the other ones........ like really 3 "unique outfits" at a time, the other ones are pretty much the constant, but the ones that get the "highlight" from the store just to be 3....... like you said and im going to say it too "Big loss of potential income here" 6) and 7) i see your point, specially for the freaking BT ones, like really right now you can farm them from Moon Refuge and they still need PTS to get the breakthrough............ maybe setting the cost at 10 TS would be A LOT better.
  5. F8?

    There is also weapon requirements asked by the leaders, this means stages for example R3 or R+=means the Stage of the Raven Weapon, the first case shows the specific stage they ask, being usually 3, 6 or 9. the second one being for just having the weapon at any stage (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) The stage abreviations are R= Raven A= Aransu GC= Grand Celestial (thank god we are not at the stage people, at a constant basis, ask for this to do simple content) WTB= Want to Buy
  6. "We'd love to hear your feedback".

    Ill add ideas if you may allow me: 1) Make the basic materials (all crystals) have the same ability as the Bloodstones or Blackstones BUT instead of being a 1:1 exchange make it a deficit example: 2 soulstone crystals to be converted to 1 soulstone, 2 sacred crystals to 1 orb (this are just random numbers to make clear the example) with this the "grind" element of the game is still there but it will make it viable for new players to get money or even better to make professions viable for everyone. 2) Make the Soul and Pet being like the Talisman, meaning that at the "purple" stages you dont need Pods or Oils, only at the leggo ones. 3) Reduce the cost of the key points in transformations for pet and soul, so that they are not so spikey (etiher reduce the cost or redistribute those oils to other stages), Example with the soul, you see 3-3-3 and then BOOM 20 (idr the exact numbers but you get the idea). 4) The evolved stones could be added for 1000 peaches on CB, makes it grindy (although not so much because of the power spike of the awakening) but not impossible. This only change could make the production of each oil to be around 100 gold, which is half the current price and could help A LOT. 5) This is a personal one, put more outfits into the rotation and maybe add some days where old event costumes could be obtained (for example the one from the warlock release) 6) Reduce the price of the jewel or reduce the amount needed for the latest stages (stage 4 upwards), or reduce the amount of soulstone crystals that you need to get one, 7) Maybe, just maybe remove the fail chance for the PTS to ocurr, or more factible, add something in the Solar Energy Tab that can make it a 100% success chance for 20 or 30 solar energy
  7. so we get the new "currency" that will replace the Raven/aransu thing???? so we need to still buy/get a new type of "faded accessory"??? This one got me more confused, can someone explain
  8. Legacy of The Hongmoon Clan Question

    archer was datamined at the same time the warrior was (for those out there warrior got the name changed to warden for na) there was also a photo leaked but idk about that one being real play what you like, if you like summ then keep it up, it is a bad idea to get a class just for the "is it good for raids" mentality because you migh dislike it later on, currently no class is shunned because people usually asks for gear and whatever buff they are missing Now taking into consideration the summoner as useful, the cat rez is pretty valuable (if the party doesnt have a soulfighter) and can save runs from disaster
  9. It is later on, and right now for the moment the only one that has been "released" is the new blademaster this one looks for the kfm being the next to be showcased for the third spec Im actually curious because the third spec doesnt look like any other element, and just from that poster of the KFM it looks like a new element just like the BM if someone can read korean or knows something could be helpful too
  10. I would like a change for the Draken cores and Naryu tablets, at least the tablets, those shits are really OLD
  11. In essence its the same but with a little bit of flavor added, it might change how you play because we are going to get new talents that will modify certain abilities and might change your rotation, but its not going to be a whole overhaul and start over again, it might even make your life easier in terms of rotation or buffs that you need to mantain Distortion i think is the one for Frost and Scourge the one for Shadow (not sure), just imagine that you got a name change, thats it
  12. i did understand the current things they announced, you dont seem to understand what i said. yeah for the accesories you are going to do the "exchange tab" they always do or in this case its a transform or whatever they will do. what i said was "thought they might do it the other way" meaning that they were going to add the "accessories salvage" or something elese for the low lvl accessories owners.Though at this point i add that as a suggestion that i hope they take. Now the "change spec" i dont believe it will be a forever feature, if it is then......damn its a really good deed from their part but i am more inclined towards the "event only" possibility. The PSYCHES on other hand, the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ you get from dungeons or vendors that add extra stats, are the one thing that i said it should be kept and i think will be kept i havent seen something been said that you will lose your psyches, i mean you spend quite some resources just to lose those extra stats, and having to grind again is annoying, not impossible but annoying.
  13. psyches are permanent as far as we know, so accesories SHOULD keep them. I agree with you in some points, there should be a chance to change, and for the dumb answer that a lot of players gives of "duh play the game", yeah been playing it from december only, not a whale, got Raven 9 and the leggo mystic badge in 2 months(had to fix my pc so feb went puff), working my ass to get aransu right now,the upgrade of BOTH accesories that i have is at least a min of 3000 gold (and i think im going way too low) so yeah for those people, see more perspectives. Something i thought they might do is a "salvage" version for the low levels, where you might be able to salvage your current accesories to get a token/box/whatever they want to call it and then trade it for the other accesories at stage 1(i would sacrifice progress for the test tbh but thats just me), could work for the low level ones, for the middle ones though thats tricky because people that are there are pretty much in the middle of "screw me i keep pushing forward" or "f it and work all of it again" I do have a concern though, the normal badges we are not going to be able to trade them???? like magnum for legacy, or just the leggo ones????
  14. unreal 4 pc and consoles

    as far as i remember, yes the main "bulk" of the games depend on the single core power (this is why single core should be a little bit more important than multicores when buying) but ue4 does send "background" tasks like lights to the other cores so there is still a benefit from having multicores systems one weird fix i stumble some time ago was to force the nvidia card to use the kr profile, not the other ones, it helped me but maybe other wont. sometimes it depends on every machine, also in online games ms is a huge factor for the fps, and well BnS servers arent known for being top notch In the end UE4 is going to be as good as the ones doing the job on it, only time will tell
  15. Crafting?

    got my leggo badge with this and im not that geared so........... There are more variables than just "duh Whale" First the material sources, at the beginning, pretty much you are going to buy them from the market, no real surprise here, as long as they are at a decent rate/price profit can be made (not huge amounts but still something you just set and forget until the next day) and selling off the market is better than using the ingame tab Second if you follow the first step only producing the last number (example the transformation stones 35) is where you can make some profit, if you can gather your material then obviously it doesnt apply Third the initial investment is actually pretty high in the eyes of a new player that just decided to enter and not search for any guides Fourth the rare element farm, this is one of the biggest hurdles, getting them are not easy and taking in mind that the first dungeon where you do have a chance of getting them is NS and is % a chance as well, its a huge wall (could be fixed if they added the material elements for peaches maybe) Fifth and the BIGGEST drawback after the rare elements, the selling prices, this happens on every mmo tbh so no surprise here, people just putting their merchandise at a lower price, its not a big deal when its for a small quantity but then suddenly you get the guy that drops it to the freaking ground and then well, welcome to mmo economy To be completely honest, do it if you are doing your maths right and second if you can afford to gather the rare elements, if not the other best ways to get some gold (outside of dailies) are getting maybe one or to pals and run the old purples no one runs anymore (from soguns below) and maybe zaiwei ruins, not a hard place but if you dont have at least decen ap is going to be long to solo