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  1. Just learn how to rotate bastion 1z and 1v only hard match up is kfm because xD I'm 1800 in arena on wl
  2. getting carried hard ? I meet the dps req by a mile I have 50 fps stable in ET along with sub 60 ms this game isn't hard
  3. Okay sorry I didn't mean you yourself in general the people screaming left and right that this game is p2w are people who watch all the streams and cry constantly because they're too lazy to do somthing in game Shrio is a smart human that doesn't have a stick up their ass good for you my man
  4. I still can't get over how you people scream everything they release is pay to win I really truely feel like u have aransu 6 and stage 3 accs and been stuck there for 5+ months crying for hand outs every update and why would they make out dated pvp soul shields cheaper when you can spend an hour or 2 in msp and have a full nova set with 0 effort ?
  5. sounds like a personal problem I have gc 6 and no fuse badge still have 7 kills on boss 3 ET and you can't even say the ET box is P2W you can only buy 3 which means 15 items for weapon upgrade where the hell is that going to get u 150 USD for a waste of mats man
  6. you can't farm what the whales pay for ? you can sit in msp all day for evo stones to make oil need moonstones ? go sand bag 6v6 games need soul stones ? arena there is so much you can mindless farm if u dont want to do it well thats on you :| OP : recycled and repeated events, okay dude free oil and pet pods for next to no work done " : and now even more Pay-to-Win garbage. ah god forbid they release catch up unity items that u can do CS HM every day for you talk about advantages over f2p and that only relates to 6v6 you can have a max gear hm 30 player still ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up
  7. and of course they will always come out with newer gear but again like I said in an earlier comment do you NEED that new peice of gear to clear a raid ? no do you NEED it to clear a certain dungeon NO its a MMO you don't NEED everything max instantly upon getting it to play and enjoy the game if you care about rankings get good at the pvp in this game u don't need anything
  8. ranking is for PEOPLE with MAX GEAR the rewards have 0 effect on your gearing process 4Head
  9. if you WANT top 30 in anything work your ass off for the gear or spend like some do plain and simple rankings is people who want to stroke their fragile ego also im not defending this game as hard as some people do its broken and I complain all the time about how ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing poorly it runs but to sit here and cry that the game is "p2w" is stupid
  10. the thing is you don't need to be hm 30 full unity legendarys max gear with full pyches and 18k crit to do any of the content pay 2 win is having gear pay walled I have friends who played for 3 months with better pve gear than me and ive spent a good chunk of money due to having full time work 60+ hours a week I mean yea you can drop 5000 USD in 1 day on trove on top of buying gold and have better gear than most but you still won't win anything no mech no idea how to really play the game no idea what youre doing in 6v6 im not blinding by anything its really you people who have a stick up your
  11. It amazes me how you people think this is in any way shape or form p2w but I guess everyone has their idea of p2w you can get max unity rank casual you can get all the purple stones casual raid bundles ? ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ dude go upgrade your gear from farming and get the mats yourself im probably just talking to a wall here seeings how this community is full of circus monkeys riding unicycles around juggling bowling pins but hey some day I hope you'll wise up and see its pay for convenience
  12. I really don't understand how you people lack this many brain cells did you forget a new class is 3-4 weeks away ? Poor unity xp in forms of charms ? not p2w at all buy 10 bundles a day ? again not p2w at all you can farm for this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and it still has no insane upgrade to power outside of 6v6 maybe badges ? how many months have u people had the chance to figure out what spec to play ? unlucky 2 old easy events that you can farm on alts with 0 zero so bad XDDDDDD you people are a bunch of children that maybe shouldn't be allowed to play games in the first place I feel like you all got
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