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  1. @Hime Hallo zusammen 😄 Ich würde gerne jederzeit jede Klasse in diesem Spiel spielen können, wie einige meiner Freunde und vielleicht auch einige von euch, aber ich möchte nicht mit allen die Story oder die Orange Quests spielen müssen. Daher mein Kommentar, für jemanden, der mit allem komplett durch ist, lohnt sich das LvL 60-Ticket im Moment einfach nicht. Die Items sind nicht gut und man muss noch viel Story spielen. Der Preis ist relativ, wenn z.B. 2 LvL 60-Tickets erhältlich sind: 1) LvL 60-Ticket: (kein Charakter hat
  2. @Hime Hello All 😄 I would like to be able to play every class in this game at any time, like some of my friends and maybe some of you too, but I don't want to have to play the story or the Orange Quests with all of them. Hence my comment, for someone who is completely through with everything, the LvL 60 ticket is simply not worth it at the moment. The items are not good and you still have to play a lot of story. The price is relative if e.g. 2 LvL 60 tickets are available: 1) LvL 60 ticket: (no character played through th
  3. @Belido Thank you for your help, but it didn’t worked for me. 😕 @Hime So after Game Guard is killing my game play fun with fps drops like hell again and I can’t play again anymore, the second time now got this same sh.. last time too with your game guard trolling anti sh.. and nothing is changing from your side not even answering or make any announcements for this problem, I decided to quit. I tried everything, besides hacking/cheating, but if your game only run with cheating I’m out. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I played this game since beta until u got the dump game gu
  4. @PervertedLyn Yeah it´s funny, but i didn´t asked for an anti-cheat, bc i know how bad it was. @-@ Now it´s in again and here we are again T-T Questioning NCsoft for this things never bring a thing to the playerbase, bc all they want is your money not your opinions. XD I don´t cheat no matter how easy it is or how bad the game runs, i want destroy a game more then it is allready. qwq My game runed perfect without an anti-cheat now its bad like hell with anti-cheat so yeah hope it fixed it self again like last time O-O ( Somethimes Magic bns that runs bad o
  5. @Belido Oh ok that’s also not good @-@ Thank you for your answer, I will try this and look if it works for me too. 😄
  6. @RinDman fps are not like usual for me so if it’s not a problem for u for me it is a problem normally I have 120fps and 80-65fps in 12 man stuff and I have higher stuff in my pc then the highest requirements want so I don’t agree with your it’s my pc Blabla or fps are not a problem. My game runs since gameguard horrible before it was perfect that’s my problem. If you want to get f5 fixed pls go to the topic that got created for it and don’t talk here about it. If u want to ask everyone to use an illegal 3rd party program that is forbidden to use from bns i
  7. @CrazyDude90 yeah i know i play this game since eu releas and before on jp server i know it is far away from normal, but the issue that pi.. me the most is the same that i had by ue3 with gameguard after ue4 was all good and now after patch with gameguard sh.. like before ue4 thats why idk what this developers are doing @-@. Yes i hope they fix it or the game fix it it self like bns sometimes does too. XD Beside this with bns is it anytime something to talk about x}
  8. @CrazyDude90 i mean my game needs 3 times to start, like start game load crash, start game load crash, start game lode maybe run, i don´t mean the sec it need to start. Now u know someone that got this problem with fps and this stuff and i know enough ppl on my discord they have the same problem and git in contact with the support bc of this and if u play the game there are ppl they have the same problem like me, bc they wrote it in chat or in dungeon too when i run with them. I´m happy that your friends and u don´t have the problem so have fun playing. ❤️ A
  9. @Offy78 Oh wow really, if cheaters can use all they want with gameguard on why even let it active P-P @Hime Just kill gameguard NCSoft u not killing the cheaters u killing the rest of your brave players that got problem with gameguard T____T Go and use easy-anticheat or somthing like that oder find another way to protect the game what u right now doing and trying just can make a mess for player beside cheaters. @-@
  10. @Hime Hello Hime, since gameguard my game need sometimes 3 times to lode until it starts. After trying around with gameguard kiling it on loding with Task-Manager by starting the game it runs perfectly but without killing it my game runs bad like hell or just go out. I don´t want to kill gameguard everytime and just done it once to look if it is this program that cause the issue with the game by me. Pls can u look into it, i like your game but i don´t want to play with 20 fps or 2fps in 12 man stuff and before gameguard all runs perfect got 120fps
  11. Charaktername: PluschKartoffl Server: Jinsoyun [ EU ] Kurzbeschreibung eures Kunstwerks: English: I chose this name for my Picture , because I drawn the picture for a special person . She always supported me, if I wanted it or not . She became one of the most important people in my live. That´s how I want to say: thank you . If I could steal the real moon, I would do that. That´s why I decided to draw your Character, with the moon I can steal for you. Thank you ❤️ . Deutsch: Ich habe di
  12. I played since release in Japan, and immediately switched to the release in the west version, so if I think over the Japanese version or even Korea version don´t cry about enything in Western version. The Western versions are cheper then all other versions, so don´t say stuff like that so easy. I don´t want a JP or KR version in the West, if this happens this game would be really dead, beacause this amount I won´t pay. People are complaining for so mutch stuff, RNG Boxes are bad , Trove is bad mimimi no one sayed u have to buy things to reroll your class, just farm it new. Don´t get
  13. That's really kind of you, but I talked with my pc specialist and trust me he tried everything. My problem is a server option that's bugged, only BnS can fix it. Like I said they don't care and ignored what I said. I wait for UE4 maybe we get a new server with it and my problem is solved, or I just don't care like the support. If UE4 will hit us before the server are down, I play maybe full F2P again, but never spend a cent again on this ???? Company. At the moment I spent my money on other games that work perfectly fine and where the support is al
  14. Not only you have this problem, my friends, clans i know and me too.
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