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  1. I have been reading some of the threads on this and people are EXTREMELY butthurt about it, which I find amusing. Anyone to your point then: Fix it --> I think we're past the point of rolling it back without affecting a whole load of other things unjustly. Accept outcome --> I'd say put the costume back to original price, market will be a little odd in terms of pet pods and soulstones for a little while but eventually will correct itself due to supply n demand as it was before. Punishment --> not only do I think this is unfeasible, I also think th
  2. Experiencing pretty bad latency since patch and more frequent fps drops... not only in Nyraka. Anyone else having the same issue? currently around 250-300ms consistently, which makes playing the game challenging
  3. Hoho sounds like I chose the right time to come back to check out BnS
  4. I really like how this topic, as one among few is filled with positive posts!
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