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  1. Thanks for this exciting patch... I mean ugh ..

    Hoho sounds like I chose the right time to come back to check out BnS
  2. What is this "Optimization Patch" mentioned?

    Yea I have similar specs to you, and I wouldn't say it's not an improvement though. I played 6 months on a laptop with 8GB RAM a 750M and a lot worse CPU. SSP average fps in battle was about 15 or 20 with decent settings with ctrl-F activated. Currently I retain 55-60 under almost any circumstances (60Hz Monitor), although on extreme zerg area's I do need to ctrl-F or I'll drop to 40 or so. Although I do still have stutters every now and then, just fps dips for like <.5 seconds. Game optimization is poor, but having a good pc does make it go away for the bigger part edit: forgot to say I have every single setting on and on maximum 2nd edit: the frames are because I locked it to 60, however if I were to let it loose I'd get 90-120 most of the time too
  3. RIP Servers again

    It will probably be as if you never bought the items, or you will get the items in your inventory when its fixed
  4. RIP Servers again

  5. RIP Servers again

    Happened to me in exactly this order, exactly these problems :D
  6. RIP Servers again

    Can't login also, servers probably
  7. so a name on a character I deleted can not be reused?

    This makes no sense, but alright. it's called Name Change not Name trade rofl
  8. so a name on a character I deleted can not be reused?

    My problem is that a name that i used before is just completely unavailable to use all of a sudden. It seems as if they changed their naming policies in the last few weeks, because I reserved it a few weeks ago
  9. so a name on a character I deleted can not be reused?

    What do you mean? switch names
  10. Hi there, So I reserved a certain name on one of my characters, and when I deleted the character and tried to rename another character to it, it says name unavailable? now don't get me wrong it does not say name unavailable as in it's taken, but it says name unavailable before I can even finalize the name change. Therefore it seems like the name is just unavailable to use in general all of a sudden?
  11. Farewell

    Subscripted games usually have a longer and more healthy life. Also the forums seem to be a lot cleaner, free of people complaining on a level of a 3 year old
  12. I really like how this topic, as one among few is filled with positive posts!
  13. Blackwyrm Status!

    Blackwyrm on Windrest is dead for the majority of the time on most channels
  14. You know what would help too? Making the game a subscription game :D
  15. I'm sure all of these have come by but I'd like to sum it up and also hear from other players (in a constructive manner) whether they experience the same problems to lesser or more extent. 1. After I entered my pin I need to wait 5-10 minutes until the agreement appears so I can continue. 2. Once I have finally gotten past the agreement it takes a little while for my character to get past 'connecting' and actually get in the queue for Windrest [EU] 3. When in-game I, quite frequently, experience input delay on skills. It's not constant and it's not always to the same extent, but it is quite frequent and disturbing. All of these problems have only been around for a couple of days and I have checked possible issues on my side, and nothing seems to have changed there. Can anyone, preferably someone with knowledge on the matter, tell me what the solution is, if there is one. Or whether it is being worked on?