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  1. @Grimoir You have 4 customers. 1 likes trove, 3 don't. By making one person happy, you force 3 people to quit. " you are not forced to trove" xd that s the most bullshit thing i've ever heard. Bns forces you to use their pay to win stuff because they know you cant afford 20 hours a day on their great game. 0 content, 0 bugs fixes. 0 optimisation tries. but hey TROVE IS HERE AGAIN
  2. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Event Launches August 21

    Sad how you keep getting worse and worse . You are on the way to kill the game. Doing same events over and over, not listening to one thing the community suggested you, literally improving the p2w system to worse chinas mmos levels, not giving a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about the playerbase and not caring about the super bad performance of the game in general. Been playing for 3 years but now is the worse moment ever for this game. Eu server literally abandoned to itself, trash gm's and community managers replying with the same premades answers over and over. Depressing tbh. Not quitting yet but seeing the same events and bad performances not being adressed makes me think about it. Hope eventually you'll open your eyes.