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  1. Seriously, this was a significant draw to come back to try out the archer class. I was waiting for the premium discounts to level up all my gear for the past few days. I could understand if the event details were unclear, but it explicitly says the redemption period is EVERY week after maintenance for the duration of the entire event. RIP
  2. Anyone else not receive the free 7 day premium after maintenance? I've leveled to 60, finished the entire story quest, updated and restarted the game. and launcher. Not seeing anything in game or on my ncsoft account online.
  3. I meant the page with the link to register. That was still up. Thanks for the info Chad.
  4. Instead of removing the registration page, would have made more sense to remove the announcement page in the first place...smh.
  5. Anyone else having issues registering for this? I keep getting a page that says "This is not the path you seek". I'm not sure if this is intended and means you registered already or if it's an error page.
  6. You CAN use the 13th floor tickets to bypass 9-12. The reason you can't use them is quest related. You have to go to mushins 2nd floor (not the solo dungeon, the actual tower), accept the quest, clear floors up to 13, and then turn in the quest. Once you do this the tickets are usuable. I don't remember the quest giver but it's on the 2nd floor of mushins tower. The name is Podan or jakdan or something like that.
  7. it could make them more money if they built the right pay model. It's really a matter of having more volume in small changes (like hair color/sytle) that surpasses less volume in big changes (Full character change cost).
  8. Decided to just test it out (30fps). With Unload in my rotation - 135kish dps on Longui. Without it (RMB Spam) - 110kish dps. Did each several times. Just food for thought.
  9. While in a game, try Windows key + G to pull up the Game Bar and then disable Game Mode. Not sure what u did in registry (if u edited or created an optimization file) but all u had to do was pull up the game bar. This seems to have fixed it for me, but fingers crossed.
  10. These are ADDITIONAL rewards. Your opinion on what makes sense for you does not define the entire userbase. My suggestions don't have to impact your suggestions elsewhere in the game. This isn't an either or scenario. Log in Rewards can be anything in ADDITION to other changes that would make sense. I'll leave it at this with a final comment - Exp charms could be offered in a variety of ways. It doesn't mean they should or shouldn't be offered as log in rewards.
  11. Thanks for the info! Kinda odd he posted this in general discussion lol. Appreciate it !
  12. Holy crap! Didn't know they changed it again. So it would be even cheaper to just reroll til you get 6 slots at 5 naryu silver a pop using the "light/dark weapon chest-stage 1" box at the npc now. Damn, I spent a lot on rerolling that scaleburn on multiple alts which required flowers and tablets.. :'(
  13. "Yes, relax dude. Employees probably have days off. They running a game not a nuclear power plant" I think you need to read my post again. It's a simple question and nowhere in my post is there anything regarding the need to run NCSoft like a nuclear power plant or anything even close to it. If you think taking 1-2 minutes to announce maintenance on the forums is comparable to running a nuclear power plant, maybe you should "relax".
  14. Keys are a huge bottleneck for a lot of players that pvp a lot. Not enough keys for all the battle chests. But it would obviously have to make sense from a reward scheduling and volume standpoint. As far as the pouches not being a bottleneck, I did mention this is NOT from a progression standpoint. All rewards don't have to be tied to progression and can help with QOL. I have 7 characters for example and to unlock all the storage adds up so I just don't bother with it. It'd be great to get some free pouches. But again, you have to consider frequency and volume of rewards. Some things mak
  15. It's 5 naryu silver only to buy the scaleburn. The costs can add up from naryu tables and flowers of lament to actually roll to stage 1 seraph/baleful if you're not lucky. Can't recall offhand if there was anything else needed though.
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