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  1. Hey @Cyan Please note something in the new event chest stages: In the list of final total loot, it states "Imperial Necklace, Belt, Gloves". However, in the first stage box you get full of stuff, you start with an Imperial Necklace. (Btw, amazing, thank you SO much. Removing Mao farm from getting it, during this event, and instantly too cause of cost reduction, THANK YOU) But like, does that mean we get it twice? or is that considered part of the initial rewards, and future box just gives a belt and gloves upon unlocking? Also, my tip for the new pvp/farm zone: Either
  2. Actually it’s 5 weeks not 4. Even worse! :P Thank you though for getting the idea. Only the hardcore can play the event because they have the money for that Much fish bait, but even if you want to, that means leaving your PC on constantly, and missing out on spending that money elsewhere directly. can anyone tell me if ANY event in the past made you pay gold for the event currency not just time grinding?
  3. Bare minimum is doing the 4 dailies for the event chest, IMO. How many dailies are you expecting casuals to be running every single day? And how hard of a dungeons does that include? Sure, whales and hardcore daily players will be running Hangar 0 with their premade but it’s hard to find a smooth group in LFG of dungeons above like, SSTemple.
  4. So I tried emailing support about this but they forwarded me here. Also anyone correct me if I’m wrong on any particular point. Basically, the event currency, Dark Hearts, are going to be given out VERY stingy to most casual players. Why? Because to get the max amount, an account would need to spend 70-80(Pearl rng) gold....PER DAY!! And you definitely need to fish every day to get the most out of the event. The 49 Hearts per week from fishing will be more than the daily chest and weeklies Combined every week. Now tell me how TF is a casual coming on to do their 4 dailies, Raven raid
  5. This. So much. :( Also Thanks guys, glad to know we’re getting the character slot voucher. Just weird that it’s not in the forum posts whereas the Exact same Warden posts mentioned it. Anyways.
  6. Title. Especially if you register for the pre-patch special packet for costume and items. Gunslinger one had a free character slot voucher if you registered, and warden release simply had one in the HM store for free (told us the same time they showed the registration rewards). Not even a mention of that for the new Archer class, a pretty hype class. And I swear I remember getting a free level 50 (then) new character voucher some time since gunslinger came out, can’t remember when. Not having to level for days is Great :) what do you guys think? Can we get an NCsoft response?
  7. Probably something, technical, related to already patching the game?
  8. Huh. Well, I knew you guys would reply, thought maybe Babbletr0n first, but this works too :) The 5 extra gold was the LEAST you could do, but the refunds and premium are, nice :)
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