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  1. is anyone gonna adress this or are we just getting ignored now?
  2. Yeah except u cant do anything with stage 8 badges lol, the exchange should include every badge out there for assassins, like it did with bms kfms and destros.
  3. I actually first wrote a ticket about this and they replied "we have confirmed that your Wildborne soul badge - stage 8 is not available for exchange" and that i should write about it on forums so here i am. It makes no sense that only assassins out of all 3rd specs dont get to exchange the badges they were using.
  4. No, sins can not exchange wildborne and war song, we have been discriminated against!
  5. i dont think he asked for that anyway, for example most assassins used first pink fuse set because of 3rd spec and now those badges are just dead, even tho we want stoic for it
  6. bomb kd, cat pin, burst, not a bug or anything just a lot of debuff dmg so they burst like 3 mil. dps
  7. ye thats why im asking for a confirmation so i know i can get some for my alts while they are so cheap
  8. isnt f11 class specific so it doesnt matter which class is the best at clearing stuff?
  9. I heard multiple times that you will need 5 empyreans instead of 10 to evolve ur weapon to raven/dawn/rift/ascendant after the dec 6th update. Can anyone confirm that that is true?
  10. So what did u notice, Sherlock? LUL
  11. A friend of mine can not login to play the game because of this error, he tried creating multiple accounts, passwords, disabling firewalls, changing he IP adress etc. His IP doesnt change on its own for sure, its just something about the server not letting his specific connection through. We both tried to find a solution and asking the support but they dont really help either. Any info about this?
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