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  1. Because its really expensive to buy Exp from other sources ? When someone would find a bug, where he could generate gold, and would just use it all for his gear, it would not be gamebreaking neither, as long he only gears his own character with it. Or when you would just find something, which would give you for example 1k sacred vials. I think getting max level in for example a month by farming 800m a day would be more valueable than these vials for moth people with maxgear.
  2. With 200% Exp-soup and decent clanbonus you get 1.1 mio as often as you want.
  3. I mean, i takes me 50 seconds to kill the boss in nm and it gives around 1.1 mio with exp soup. When you farm it automatically it will give a big amount exp / hour.
  4. Can it be expected, that people who are afk-farming in spectral shrine will get some punishment or is it just stupid not to do it ? Would be a bit annoying, when people can just cheat to HM 40 in a month and only get a warning at the end.
  5. Yeah, this is annoying, i´ve set a button on set 2 on 3, which is bringing me back to set 1, in case this happens.
  6. I bought it like 10 years ago, but i didn´t know thats even still supported. I thought it´s just an offline tool. Oh, the quick turn option is the only thing, i am currently really missing. The rest was replaceable with a combination of Ds4 windows and xpadder. Maybe it´s a bit annoying too, that i cannot apply to ready check by gamepad any more or all this bidding stuff is somehow not working neither like before.
  7. The native controller support was removed, to have to workaround currently.
  8. Is this reWASD better than Xpadder ? I am using a XPadder since ages but wouldn´t mind to swap, when there is a better tool. I have to combine it with DS4Windows anyways, since i am using a PS4 controller. Currently the biggest downside of removing native controller support for me was, that we lost the possibility of quick 180° turn. Is there any way to emulate this ?
  9. Looks like the tab for gamepad configuration was removed. For what reason gamepad support is canceled ? This is bullshit, why are you excluding a part of the community from enjoying the game ?
  10. I tried it a week ago, when i finally switched to short soul. It was with limitless badge, Assuming that is still suck a bit with short soul, because i always played long soul b4, the dps went up from 500k to 550k.
  11. Probably coz of the animation lock, which eats time. My parse went up by 50k+ when disabling it. At least with short cd soul.
  12. The most annoying issue is, that one starting side is better than the other. It should be the same, which could be made quite easy, when the first ball would not always lead to the south. There should be a lever in the middle, which only could be activated once to decide the first side, where the ball is going too. So maybe when blue team activates it, it goes to blue side, when red team activates it, it goes to red side. After that it could be alternating like normal.
  13. Wenn die Sacred Crystals wenigstens in F10 noch bei 5 NCoins starten würden ..... Ich finde das ziemlich dreist erst den Bedarf zu erhöhen und dann den Preis auch noch von 5 auf 15 NCoins zu erhöhen. Vorher konnte man die unhandelbaren Seelenkristalle (? oder wie die in deutsch heißen) wenigstens noch günstig kaufen.
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